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The temperature of air is decreased.

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What happens to the temperature of air as it rises?

As air rises, its temperature falls

If air rises what happens to it's temperature?

The temperature of air is decreased.

What generally happens to the temperature of rising air?

The higher air rises the colder it will get.

What happens to temperature and pressure as altitude rises?

That was wrong, air pressure decreases, and the temperature also decreases.

What happens at the boundary between two air masses?

The warm air is pushed up and the temperature rises

Does air temperature increase or decrease as it rises?

Air temperature decreases as it rises. This is because there is a vast difference in temperature between space and the Earth. Therefore, the closer you get to space (in this case, the higher air rises) the colder it will be. Air temperature increases as air temperature rises. The temperature of air will tend to decrease the further up it is.

As moist air rises its temperature will what?

As moist air rises its temperature will decrease. The moisture within it will condense, and it will form a cloud.

What happens when an air mass rises up a mountain side?

The air rises up the side of the mountain. As the altitude gets higher, temperature gets cooler. Water vapor in the air condenses into clouds.

When air expands does the temperature rise or lower?

When temperature rises, air expands and gets lighter. When temperature falls, air compresses and gets heavier. One of the rules about air temperature is that warmer air rises and cooler air falls.

How does altitude and temperature affect air pressure and density?

When altitude rises, the air pressure and density both decrease. When temperature rises that means that more air is pushing down on it. So this means that the air pressure and density rise when temperature rises.

If air pressure rises what does temperature do?

Air pressure and temperature are not directly connected.

What happens to air when it sinks and rises?

During a cold front, the air rises. During a warm front, warm air rises

What happens to the temperature of air as it rises toward the top of a mountain?

the temperature gets lower as you get higher. That'swhy there is ice caps on top of the mountain.

Air temperature rises when particles in the air do what?

The air temperature rises when particles in the air begin to move faster. The energy of the motion of particles is called thermal energy.

What happens to air when it is cooled?

Its rises. On the contrary of rises, it will sink

What is frontal uplift?

its when cold air pushes its way under warm air, which rises, cools then condenses and rain falls

What happens to relative humidity when temperature rises?

it will be decreasing since the volume of air increasing due to higher temperature, so the ratio of moisture will be decreased

What happens to the concentration of urine if the air temperature increases?

As air temperature rises humans sweat more. This means we lose water - which would otherwise have been released as urine. There is thus a higher proportion of urea compared with water in the urine; so, rises in temperature increase the concentration of urine.

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