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After a recession, the unemployment rate will go down.

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Is the unemployment rate likely to be high or low during a recession?

The unemployment rate usually rises during a recession.

Happens when unemployment increases during a recession?

the recession worsens into a depression

WHAT happens when unemployment increases during a recession?

When unemployment increases during a recession, there's a depression.There's a depression.

What would increase the natural rate of unemployment?

A recession

What best explains what happens when unemployment increases during a recession?

The recession worsens into a depression.

What of the following happens when unemployment increases during a recession?

There´s a depression

What is an acceptable unemployment rate?

5.4% when the economy is good. 9.5% when the economy is in a recession.

Which of the economic indicators is most likely to be high during a recession?

unemployment rate

Which of these economic indicators is most likely to be high during a recession?

Unemployment rate

Did the unemployment rate increase because of the recession?

yes because companies save money by cutting employment due to the recession

What happens when fewer jobs are available and unemployment goes up?

Recession For A+ Cheaters ( ;

Is it true during a recession demand for goods increases and employment rises?

Just the opposite happens. In a recession, unemployment increases and the demand for goods decreases.

What is the difference between the unemployment rate in The Great Depression and the current recession?

Well, in the great Depression the unemployment rate was 25% whilst today its about 8.5%. So I'd say theres a 16.5% difference.

What happens to the economy during a recession?

An Economic Recession is a period of economic contraction (The Growth Rate shrinks and becomes stagnant)

What was an effect of the Great Recession?

High unemployment was an effect of the Great Recession.

What Other causes of unemployment?


When real GDP declines during a recession what typically happens to consumption investment and the unemployment rate?

Unemployment rate rises as output falls so fewer workers are needed. Cosumption falls as people become poorer due to unemployment so they cannot spend but save so this leads to a fall in investment as firms dont make as much profit due to less people spending.

What problems are there in the US?

Sickness, lying, cheating, dying, the crime rate, unemployment, the mortgage failure crisis, homelessness, and the economic 'recession'.

What are the reasons of unemployment in the US?

It is mainly recession.

What conditions exist in a recession?

More unemployment

What is happening with unemployment?

Unemployment has risen dramatically that's why the people on the news say were in a recession

What is the result of a recession on unemployment compensation?

A recession can bring an increase of unemployed workers. This results in more unemployment compensation claims being filed and paid, meaning more people are collecting unemployment benefits.

What is the difference between a recession and a depression?

a depression is a particularly deep recession with high levels of unemployment

What has Ireland done to improve unemployment?

not too much,the recession is still not over in Ireland,more job losses than job created,but since some of the EU countries are out of recession now,which has a positive affect,the unemployment rate dropped lesser than 1 years ago in Ireland.

What was the unemployment rate at end of Clinton administration?

The unemployment rate was below 5% for 40 consecutive months of Clinton's presidency. Economics were different in those years, so a comparison that does not include the current conditions (recession, European bankruptcy, congressional laws) is incomplete.