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First of all, the stomach isn't really trying to "eat itself", although it feels like it. Also, your organs will not "shut down" or else you would die.

After your body realizes that making you miserable isn't working, it will begin to break down your muscle and fat stores for its protein and energy needs. At first your cells will use fatty acids and ketones as a source of energy and the liver will convert proteins and glycerol from fat into glucose for those cells that prefer it. After about a week most of the body, including the brain, will have shifted over to the use of ketone bodies as energy. Obviously the body goes into a much lower metabolic state to conserve energy, resulting in fewer bowel movements and an increased need for sleep/rest.

The liver will be hard at work attempting to create cholesterol, saturated fats and other nutrients that are normally derived from food. In fact many people experience very high cholesterol levels during starvation.

Upon reintroduction of food the body will begin to store as much fat as possible before it returns to its original metabolic state. This prepares it for the next time a starvation crisis arises.

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Q: What happens to your body when it is starving?
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If you purge are you starving your body?


What happens when the cells don't get enough glucose?

the cells are starving for glucose and sending signals to the body to eat more food, thus making patients extremely hungry. To provide energy for the starving cells, the body also tries to convert fats and proteins to glucose

What happens if you go to sleep starving?

you die so byebye

What happens if your body eats to little?

When the body eats too little, it is at risk of entering hunger and starvation. When this happens, the body eats up muscle and other tissues that should otherwise remain intact. The body should have a minimum amount of calories per day in order to prevent starving mode.

What happens when you strave yourself?

When you are starving yourself, you are receiving any nutrients that you body needs to stay healthy. You body needs protein and when you do not eat, your body will start to destroy the muscle cells in order to release protein to give your body energy.

Why isn't starving good?

Starving is not good for your body, it deprives yourself of the energy and nutrients you need to remain healthy and well.

What is the difference between starving and fasting?

They basically mean the same thing. Fasting is the act of starving your body of food. Starving is the acting of starving something (animal machine e.t.c.) of the fuel it needs to function. i.e. staving an engine of fuel, starving the brain of oxigen e.t.c.

Does starving yourself effect muscle?

Yes, it effects the whole body.

What nutrients would a starving person lose?

every nutrients in there body.

What happens if you do not eat food for a long time?

You go into starvation mode and your body conserves your energy reserves (this is why you do not lose weight in the short term by starving yourself). Ultimately you starve to death.

Can starving yourself cause you to gain weight after you stop starving yourself?

Yes! Your brain sees the starving as an emergency. So, to "save your life", the brain commands your body to eat as much as possible. Then you gain weight.

How can your mind and body tell you are starving?

Because your nerve cells send messages throughout your body and your brain reacts to it

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