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Your dryer should dry it. The clothes might be a little damp but a good non-cheapy dryer should give you dry clothes no matter what.

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What happens when rain falls on a person?

Then the person is wet. Not soaking wet, but a little drop.

Is soaking an adverb?

Yes, but only idiomatically as in "soaking wet" where soaking can be considered to intensify wet, as also seen with "dripping wet" which can be even wetter. Soaking is normally a verb form and gerund (noun).

How do you use soaking in sentence?

When you were knocking on the door of my house, I was soaking my clothes in water to wash them.The children were soaking wet from the rain.

How do you dry wet cleats?

With a blow dryer. Not your actually dryer.

What is an adjective for wet?

Soaking, sopping, and dripping are all adjectives for somthing wet

What are dryer balls used for?

Dryer balls are put in the clothes dryer with a load of wet laundry to soften the clothes and reduce static. They are small rubber balls with rubber spikes protruding. As the dryer runs, the dryer ball helps separate the different pieces of clothing so the load dries faster. The action of the ball beating against the clothes also softens them and reduces static. One ball can be used repeatedly for several years.

What is a simile for as wet as a?

As wet as a fish As wet as a drowned rat As wet as a soaking sponge

What is the difference between moist and soaking?

becuasa soakingin you have to keep the paper moist but not soaking wet . cover again

What was the hair dryer device used for?

To dry wet hair...(Hint: HAIR DRYER)

What get dryer as you get wet?

towels get wetter as you get dry

Why is Right rear floor mat on 2004 accord soaking wet?

Check the door seal u can do this by hanging a piece of paper from inside and running a blow dryer around the outside of door and see if the paper moves.

What is the Malayalam meaning of the word soaking?

According to oxford dictionary 'soaking' means 'wet through'. So that in Malayalam we can say 'nanayuka'.

What is a hair dryer used for?

a hair dryer is basically used to dry wet and damp hair!

What happens if guinea pigs get wet when if rains?

That's fine as long as you dry the little guy after wards. You NEVER want to have a cold soaking wet guinea pig or they can catch a disease like a cold and sometimes the flu.

Why was the clothes dryer invented?

to dry clothes when they are wet

Can you get your new perm soaking wet after a perm?

You can get it wet but need to wait 24 to 48 hours before shampooing or swimming.

What are adjectives for wet that begin with S?

soggy, sopping, soaking, soaked, seepy,

What is the definition of the term soaking?

The definition of the term "soaking", is to make thoroughly wet or saturated. More detailed definitions can be found at the online site "Thefreedictionary".

What is wrong if the wrong if the spin dryer is still leaving the clothes dripping wet?

Firstly, verify that the dryer is still getting hot. Are the clothes coming out hot and wet, or cold and wet? If they are coming out hot and wet, throughly clean your lint trap, and verify that your dryer vent hose is not kinked, crushed, or obstructed in any way. If they are coming out cold and wet, consult a repairman to service your dryer's heating element.

How do i repair a wet book?

Get a hair dryer onto it as soon as you can

How do you dry suede shoes?

get them wet again then put them in the dryer

How do you dry wet clothes when its raining?

you put it in the tumble dryer

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