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What happens when a bill is pigeonholed?

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It is set aside and no longer considered.


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it means to ignore the bill and let it die, is what my Social Studies book says word for word

Pigeonholed means to put something away until a proper time. A bill that is being considered towards a new law might get pigeonholed if the current Congress does not want to deal with the issue. The bill could stay pigeonholed for a long time.

A pigeonholed bill is one that has been ignored by a congressional comittee and has therfore died before being signed into law.

Pigeonholed (of people or things) filed in the appropriate category or compartment (like the pigeonholes in a desk), often with the sense of being dealt with and forgotten; shelved.Above retrieved from Answers.comViper1

Pigeonholed - 1999 was released on: USA: 28 September 1999 (AFI Film Festival)

sorted compartmentalized pigeonholed

Most bills die in committee.

Classified, assort, file, label etc.

I want to know what happens to a bill that is passed by the Senate?

He RETURNS The Bill To Congress UNSIGNED.

If the president does not agree with a bill he/she can return it.

The bill just stays a bill. It doesn't become a law.

after the bill is passed it heads on to the president to pass it

thw bill goes to the president to be signed

Both Houses of Congress must agree to a bill; otherwise, the bill fails.

Failure to Act on a Bill is like killing it

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