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The acid will leak out making the battery less effective and causing everything around it to get eaten up.

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What happens when you kill the car battery?

The car will then be unable to start.

My car battery run down and then my car wont start just clicks?

Get a jump start from somebody else, and then figure out what it was you left turned on or plugged in to drain your battery. If it happens again, replace the battery. By the way, this is why you should belong to AAA or another road-service club.

Battery is dead then when jump started is fine When car is turned off starts all over again Is this the battery or alternator?


What happens if you connect a car battery backwards?

it will arch out and melt the knobs on your battery and your cables

What happens If a car battery sets out in the rain?

Nothing. The battery is sealed an no harm will be done.

Does leaving a keyless fobs in car drain battery?

No, not unless the ignition is turned on.

Does a cell phone plugged into a car port drain the battery after the car is turned off?

If the outlet is powered with the key off, then yes it will slowly drain the battery.

Where is the CCA rating on a car battery?

Usually written on a label on the battery which may be on the side.

Where is the car battery located on Chrysler 200 2013?

The battery is in the driver side fender.

What if the battery is dead and you jump it and it starts but the car won't start back after you turned it off is it the battery or altinator?

Sounds like the battery has a dead cell

Car was running fine turned it off and now it wont start the starter tested good and the battery is good turn the key and nothing at all happens no noise whatsoever?

Make sure the Car is in PARK, if it is in gear like Drive or Reverse, the Car won't start even if the battery and starter are fine.

What side of the engine compartment is the battery located on a 1994 Dodge Spirit?

If you are sitting in the car drivers side, the battery is on the left front (drivers side)

Why would a car make a clicking noise when the key is turned but the car not turned on?

A very low (but not quite dead) battery will do that. It's the starter relay trying to work.

What happens if the alternator goes in a car?


What happens when a car battery is flat?

they have to be recycled and they wont work.

What happens if Spring water is added to a car battery?

You will shorten the life of the battery. Only add Distilled water to a battery.

How do you remove an electric window motor to prevent draining the car battery when the car is turned off?

If the electic window motor in your car is draining your battery when the car is turned off, then you have more serious problems than figuring out how to disable it. I suggest you have your mechanic check the electrical system in your car. Most likely point of failure is in the switch.

What causes a car battery to bulge?

The bulging is caused by gassing. This is caused by overcharging or by a short circuit inside the battery. The acid inside the battery is turned to gas and it expands the sides of the battery.

What happens if you leave an empty car battery in the garage for a or year or two?

The battery gets charged little by little because the warm air in the garage and the cold air out side makes a positive charge which then enters the negative capsule of the battery and there for charges it.

What happens if you explode?

If you explode you die and the same applies to a car battery.

When you turn the key nothing happens after replacing the battery?

get a new car

What happens if you get rear ended and your battery is in the back of your car?

you have to fint a way to get it out

84 Mercedes 300D turbo diesel has power to the glow plugs radio etc but when the key is turned to start the car nothing happens What is wrong?

check the battery, and make sure it is in park

How do you install a new car battery?

connect negative side first

Where does the negative connect to from car battery?

on the frame or on the side of the engine block