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Q: What happens when a concentrated acid gets accidentally spilled on cloth or wool?
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What happens when a concentrated acid spilled on a cloth or wool?

The acid will burn a hole through the material.

Is it possible for a guy to accidentally get a gal pregnant if he only had time to wipe his hand completely clean with a dry cloth then accidentally use that hand to immediately hand her something?


What do you do if spilled soda on key board?

turn your keyboard upside down to drain liquid off. Then use a danp cloth to clean surface.

i have candle wax spilled on my outdoor and indoor carpet. How do I clean that up ?

One method is to place a soft cloth over the wax and put a medium warm iron on top of that. The wax will melt and adhere to the cloth while releasing from the carpet.

What happens to ice cube when you cover it with black cloth?

It melts

What happens to the cloth on the Ka'bah?

Ka'aba Cloth is a matter of change annully and they keep the old as i know ,, its made of silk and dicorated by Gold

What happens when you use fat cat alert from gaia?

You put a cloth on it

How to put absorbent in a sentence?

Absorbent mean to soak up or soak into something, Example. I picked up a cloth used it to wipe up a drink i spilled and noticed it was very absorbent.

Bottle of peroxide spilled under cabinet with lots of other stuff. How to clean it up?

It shouldn't be a big deal. Pull everything out and wipe it down with a damp cloth. Let it dry and then put everything back.

Leather Lasts Longer?

When going on a trip, invest in a good set of leather luggage. Leather lasts longer than cloth because of the material, and you can wipe the luggage off easier if something is spilled on it. Leather luggage is more expensive than cloth luggage, but you will save money by not having to purchase luggage every year.

What happens when you rub ebonite with a wood cloth?

electrons are transferred to the stick,causing it to take on a negative charge.

What happens when you freeze lemonade?

you probably wipe it up... if it hit cloth, scrub it out with water...