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The non-custodial parent has the right to file a motion against the custodial parent based on the same. As a result, the non-compliant parent may be held in contempt of court. If they are, penalties may include a monetary fine, jail or modification to the original custody order.

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What happens to child in the event custodial parent dies?

The court will then appoint a new custodial parent.

What happens if the custodial parent doesn't show up for court?

A continuance, or a default order in favor of the non-custodial parent.

Can the custodial parent denied visitation because unknown address of non-custodial parent?

For safety reasons the custodial parent should know where the child will be in case something happens to the non-custodial parent or if the child is not returned. If the non-custodial parent won't cooperate the custodial parent should return to court and request a court order.

What happens if you did not wait for paperwork after your traffic case was dismissed?

Call traffic court in the city, county, state where you appeared, and ask how you can get a copy of your paperwork.

What happens if the child support case is in Louisiana but the custodial parent now lives in Mississippi and the non custodial parent lives in South Carolina?

Usually the case will be closed and the custodial parent will have to re-file in the state where she/he resides.

What happens if the car dealership has lost the paperwork?

If the car dealership has lost the paperwork, they are responsible for finding it. You may be able to get out of the deal if you wish to at this point since they were totally irresponsible.

What happens if the custodial parent does not follow the court order for visitation in Nebraska?

He/she can lose custody all together. The non-custodial parent needs to file a motion for contempt of a court order. If the custodial parent continues to violate the order they could eventually lose custody.

What happens if custodial parent notifies non-custodial parent of relocation via certified letter and non-custodial parents neglects to file injunction to the relocation in a timely manner?

The custodial parent is legally free to relocate. This is because the noncustodial parent's argument as to why the relocation should not happen has not be presented to the court in time for the hearing and therefore the court will grant the custodial parent's application to relocate unopposed.

What happens when custodial parent drops kids off at non custodial parents house and leaves them?

Leaves them permanently or in violation of court ordered custody/visitation time? In either circumstances, the non-custodial parent may file an action for contempt of court against the custodial parent and/or file for custody/visitation modification based on the same.

What happens if youre on parole in Illinois?

Everything you need to know about your actions while on parole is contained in the paperwork you were given at the time you were released. READ THE PAPERWORK and contact your parole officer for any questions.

What happens if primary custodial parent moves without permission?

Generally when the parent of a minor child wishes to move out of state or to a location where the distance would affect the visitation and custodial rights of the other parent, that parent must seek the approval of the other parent and should obtain an order from the court granting them permission to relocate the child. The existing orders would need to be modified.

What happens if the child support case is dismissed?

Then the non-custodial parent has no legal obligation to pay child support.

If the designated hitter enters the game as a position player what happens to his spot in the batting order?

If the designated hitter takes over a position player's spot, that player is no longer in the game, and the Designated Hitter spot is opened up.

What happens when a 17 yr old moves out of moms house and moves into dads house?

As long as the parents are OK with this nothing happens. If it breaks the custody order though and the custodial parent did not agree to this, the police can come and take you back while the non-custodial parent can get into legal trouble for not sending you home.

If the custodial parent cancelled a minor from his insurance policy can the noncustodial parent be liable if the child gets into a wreck in a vehicle licensed to the noncustodial parent?

If the vehicle belongs to the non-custodial parent and it was the vehicle involved in the accident, then the non-custodial parent's insurance will have to cover the damages and is completely liable for anything that happens with his/her car.

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