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The title is vacated, and the top ranked contender's fight for the title. THE FIGHTER RETIRES A CHAMPION.

2008-11-20 22:22:03
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Boxer Muhammed Ali Is he still Alive?

yes. boxer muhammed ali is still alive.

Is sonny bill Williams a heavyweight boxer this year?

yes he is still a boxer but he is not a heavyweight boxer.

Will you still get maintenance when ex husband retires?

No, not unless it is in the divorce papers.

Is a priest still a priest when he retires?

Yes. A priest is a priest forever, even after he dies.

Is former boxer John L Gardner still alive?

He is. The retired boxer lives in England.

If two male boxer dogs breed with one female boxer are the puppies still full blooded?

i am looking for a male boxer to brred my female boxer where do i even start to find the right male full blood boxer???

Will your child's father still have to pay child support even if he retires?

Yes, but he can file a motion to modify.

Where can you find the sheet music for you are still holding on?

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Was Nelson Mandela a boxer?

yes he was and we still loved him til we die

Muhammad ali when did he die?

If you mean the boxer, then he is still alive as of 2012.

What actors and actresses appeared in Holding Still - 2010?

The cast of Holding Still - 2010 includes: Janis Sawyer as herself

What is the age limit to be a catholic priest?

A priest must be age 25 minimum at ordination; he retires at age 75 but is still a priest

If a president gets impeached does he still get security for life?

Yes if the president retires with a pension and secret service protection for the rest of his life.

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Is Muhammad ali still a boxer?

no he has Parkinson's disease now and is an old man.

What was the day that Muhammad Ali died?

The boxer Muhammad Ali is still alive .

Is Muhammad ali dead boxer?

He is still alive as of May 2, 2013.

Does irene van dyke still play netball?

Yes, she still does play, in both the silver ferns and the Waikato/Bay of plenty magic =] It'll be a dark day in netball when she retires.

What does once a teacher always a teacher?

it means that once a teacher is a teacher once, even after he/she retires, they still feel like a teacher at heart.

How do you restart your farm town?

Hold Alt + Click Farm Town on your bookmarks (still holding alt) + F4 when it loads (still holding alt)

Is Felix Trinidad still alive?

Assuming you mean the boxer Felix 'Tito' Trinidad... At the time of answering - he is still alive.

What are the lyrics for I'm still holding on?

They said I wouldn't make it, They said I wouldn't be here today. They said I wouldn't amount to anything. But I'm glad to say, that I'm on my way, And I'm going more and more each day. For there were many that started out with me, But now, they've gone astray. But I'm still holding on. I'm still holding on. I'm still holding to his hand. You see when I was young, I gave God my hand, And i told him to lead the way. For the road has been rough And the goings been mighty tough, still I ain't going Nowhere, I'm right here to stay. For I've been talked about and Lord I've been criticized. I had to wipe many tears from my eyes. But I'm still holding on. I'm still holding on. I'm still holding on to his hand. Chorus: I'm still holding on. Yes I'm still in God's holy plan. And I'm still holding on. And I'm bound for God's promise land. Lord I'll never- never let go of your hand. Though I've been talked about and criticized... (Repeat Chorus)

Has Tommy morrisom passed away?

If you mean Tommy Morrison the boxer then the answer is no he is still around.

2 yr old boxer can you still have her tail dock?

no it will cause them to much pain

When did mahamad ali die?

if you mean the boxer, he's still alive as of Jan 2010.