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When a Muslim girl gets her puberty, she is accountable for ALL her deeds...which means she is responsible for everything she says or does...

So...she will first have to wear hijab(scarf), of course...

and, also pray ALL the 5 prayers correctly and on time..

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What age should a Muslim girl wear a headscarf?

When her female parts are figured out or when she reaches puberty; which is earlier.

How do you bleed out of your vagina?

if you mean when a girl has her period, this happens once a month once the girl reaches puberty.

Is there a ceremony in Islam for when a girl reaches puberty?


In what age mostly can a girl have underarm hair?

When a girl reaches puberty, underarm hair can grow. The onset of puberty varies from girl to girl--spaning from as early as 8 to as late as 15 years old.

Are you supposed to have hair on your vagina?

When a girl reaches puberty, she grows hair on her vagina and under her arms.

Is a girl fertlile when she reaches puberty?

No. According to my research, you have to be at least half a year to two years into puberty.It's not worth the risk though. Use protection.

What is the Option of Puberty in Mohammedan Law?

In certain unusual situations, the wife has the means to dissolve the marriage unilaterally. The first of these is called the "option of puberty". This is where the girl is married before puberty. When she reaches puberty, she has the right to accept or reject the marriage.

What are some changes in a girl when she reaches the age of puberty?

The girls start menstruating when they hit puberty. Also, the breasts start to grow. Hair grow in pubic region

When a girl get their puberty what changers happens to them?

When a girl goes through puberty her breast's get bigger she grows hair in her armpits and on her privet part. Then later she gets her period.

What is the age when a girl produces eggs in her fetus?

There is no age, it happens when you hit puberty.

Does everyone go through that chubby stage during puberty?

yes, it is called bloating and happens to every girl during puberty

How do you get through puberty?

Really, there is nothing you need to do during Puberty for a boy. You are in the process of turning from a child into an adult. For a girl, all she will need to do is ask her mom for sanitary towels when she reaches the stage of her Menarche.

What happens if you want to marry somebody Muslim?

AnswerIf you are a Muslim, Christian, or Jewish girl then you can licitly get married with the Muslim man. If the girl is neither Muslim, Christian, nor Jewish, then she can't get married with a Muslim man unless she converts to Islam with sincere faith.If you are a non-Muslim man then you can't marry with the Muslim girl unless you convert with sincere faith to Islam.

Is it normal for an 11 year old girl to put on some weight?

Oh yes this is extremely normal. When a girl reaches puberty, she may actually gain up to 10-20 lbs!

Can a girl get pregnant if she has'nt start puberty?

no, impossible. You have to have your period before you can get pregnant. Your first sign of puberty can be ovulation which happens before you get your first period so yes, even if there are no signs of puberty you might already be in it.

What is a girl cat called?

when a female cat is pregnant or reaches puberty she is known as a queen other than that she is just known as a female cat. correct this if its wrong.

Why does menstruation happens during the age of puberty and not before it?

Well, puberty is when the body begins to mature. One aspect of a girl's body being mature (and this is similar in a male's body, too) is that of being able to reproduce. This, for a girl, is when she menstruates. During and after puberty, a girl is able to reproduce and will have her period. Before puberty, a girl has an un-mature body that cannot yet reproduce, and thus she does not menstruate.

Is dima bashar a Muslim?

Yes she is a Muslim girl and I am also a Muslim girl.

Should you dress your boy as girl?

No. A child should be dressed and raised in their right gender. To dress him as a girl will certainly have many repercussions on his mental health. Also when he his older and has reaches puberty there will also be repercussions.

How do you know if you are having puberty?

Girl-pimples, voice changing, periods, usually happens from 5th to 9th grade.

What is the average weight for a 11 year old girl?

60-90 for a girl with puberty 90-120 for a girl with puberty

How is periods occur to a girl?

1 to 2 years after puberty not neciserily for all girls it also happens once a month

CAN A SIKH girl marry a Muslim guy?

NO. A Muslim guy can marry only a Christian or a Jewish girl as a non-Muslim girl.

What happens after pre puberty?

Ater pre-puberty comes puberty. This is when the changes take place to your body and brain to make you into an adult. It takes a few years for all the changes to take place and it can be a confusing time for any young girl or boy.

How do you get a girl to step on you barefoot if you are a Muslim guy?

find a muslim girl.