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Q: What happens when an atom bomb explodes?
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Related questions

What was hydrogen bomb?

A bomb that splits a hydrogen atom, which literally explodes the air.

What happens when a nuclear bomb is set off?

It explodes.

What happens when a hydrogen bomb explodes?

The Hydrogen or Thermouclear bomb. When this bomb explodes all forms of biological life will turn into dust. Like the laser beams in War of The Worlds.

Temperature generated when an atom bomb explodes?

Roughly a few million Kelvin.

What happens if a bomb explodes in your car?

simple- we'll die|

What is the atom bomb?

The atom bomb is a bomb filled with uranium and/or plutonium and when dropped, explodes in mid-air to cause more damage. Anyone caught in the explosion would incinerated instantly.

What happens to an atom if it is broken apart?

It explodes which is called the atom explosion

USSR explodes first atom bomb?

The first Soviet test firing was August 29th 1949,

What happens in the atom bomb that makes it so destructive?

Splits an atom, I mean Adam.

What happens when and atom bomb meets a nuclear bomb?

This question makes no sense as an atomic bomb is a nuclear bomb and vice versa. They are the same thing.

What happens when a atomic bomb explodes?

When an atomic bomb explodes it forms a mushroom cloud, the explosion gives off EMP or Electro Magnetic Pulse, the explosion is huge and can destroy so much for miles, and the explosion gives off huge amounts of radiation so if you survive the explosion you can suffer or die from the radiation after the bomb blew up.

What type of nuclear chain reactions are atomic bombs?

What happens is the nuclear bomb explodes and something like gas comes from it and it disinigrates you

What happens if you split an atom?

If you Split a Atom you would create an atomic bomb.

What happens to hydrogen when it explodes?

It explodes

When did Albert Einstein split an atom?

He didn't He came up with a formula which decribed the relationship between mass and energy (e=mc2). This showed how much energy would be released when mass disappeared, which is what happens when the bomb explodes, but he didn't actually do it.

How much TNT is in an atom Bomb?

None. A small(non-TNT) explosion pushes uranium 235 together so that it is massively unstable and explodes.

What nicknames does Atom Bomb go by?

Atom Bomb goes by Adam Bomb.

What sort of explosives made an atom bomb?

Atom Bomb = Uranium H-Bomb = Hydrogen

What is the Radius for an atomic bomb?

Depends on the size of the bomb, and how high above ground it explodes.

What are the good and bad points of BOMB?

bad is it explodes and people die and good is they don't usually explodes

What is the difference between an atom bomb and an atomic bomb?

Atom bomb is a shorter version of Atomic bomb

What is stronger a nuke or atom bomb?

atom bomb

Is a atom bomb more powerful than a h-bomb?

No the atom bomb is not more powerful then the H-bomb

What element formed when a hydrogen bomb explodes?


What is an air bomb in fireworks?

the explosion when the firework explodes