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it moves to a higher energy level.

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Q: What happens when an atom is exposed to an energy source such as electricity?
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Is electricity a source of energy?

noelectricity is a source of energy

Where is the energy source in a printer?

Printer get its energy from the electricity because it is run by electricity.

What is the source of energy in a light bulb?

Electricity is the source of energy in a light bulb.

Why is hydro-electricity a clean source of energy?

Hydro-electricity is a clean source of energy. It is because energy is harnesses from flowing water. It does not cause pollution.

What source of energy is electricity?

The sun

What is the energy source of speakers?

the enery source of speakers is electricity

Is electricity a clean source of energy?

The term clean source of energy refers to only primary energy sources as wind or solar energy. Electricity, by definition, is not a primary energy source. It is a secondary energy source that is could be produced by a clean energy source as wind or any renewable primary energy source or produced by fossil energy source as oil, natural gas, or coal.

What is the energy source used to generate electricity?

Mechanical energy

What energy source is dug out of the ground and is burned to make electricity?

The energy source which Is dug out of the ground is called coal and is can be burnt to make electricity

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