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What happens when carbonate and acid are combined?

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salt and hydrogen gas is produced

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What pH is calcium carbonate mixed wth hydrochloric acid?

Calcium carbonate is a base and hydrochloric acid is an acid but their combined pH depends on ther initial concentrations.

What happens when carbonate reacts with a acid?

What happens when a metal carbonate reacts with an acid?

the acid eats the meatl

What happens when an acid reacts with a carbonate?

when the acid touches the carbonate, it will create hydrogen gas, resulting in the solution to bubble/fizz.

What happens when calcium carbonate reacts with acid?

It Bubbles

What happens if you add a carbonate to acid or when you heat a carbonate?

when the carbonate is heated in absence of air then the CO2 is produced as the byproduct .

What gas is made when tartaric acid and potassium carbonate are combined?

carbon dioxed is what is produced

What happens when Hydrochloric acid reacts with sodium carbonate?

It explodes

What happens to the color of hydrochloric acid when mixed with copper carbonate?

no answer

What happens when you drop acid on a carbonate mineral or rock?

It will effervesce.

What happens when you add acid to a metal carbonate?

A metal carbonate + an acid -. CO2 + metal salt and water Yes you usually make this e.g Copper Carbonate + Sulphuric Acid ? Copper Sulphate + Carbon Dioxide + Water

Is carbon a base or acid?

Carbon itself does not have a pH as it is only an element. However, when combined with others to form compounds, carbon can become a base or acid. It can be a base by becoming a sodium carbonate, or become an acid by becoming an carbonate.

What happens when carbonic acid plus iron?

iron + carbonic acid --> iron carbonate + hydrogen

What happens if you add magnesium carbonate to hydrochloric acid?

magnesium chloride

What happens when you mix an acid with a carbonate?

You get lots of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide).

What happens when you put calcium carbonate and hydrochloric acid together?

you get bleach

What happens when you mix copper carbonate with hydrochloric acid?

You get carbon dioxide.

What happens when you mix sulphuric acid with calcium hydroxide?

Calcium Carbonate

What happens to the temperature when you add citric acid to sodium carbonate?


What happens when an acid and a base are combined?

They will become neutral

What happens when acid and base combined?

Salt will form

What happens when Aluminium carbonate is added to nitric acid?

When aluminum carbonate is added to nitric acid, carbon dioxide gas is formed with aluminum nitrate and water.

What happens when sodium carbonate and calcium chloride are combined?

A new solid starts to form.

What is calcium carbonate and hydrochloric acid combined make?

CaCl2+CO2 Calcium Chloride+Carbon Dioxide

What happens when you mix acid and calcium carbonate?

Dilute acid and calcium carbonate gives carbon dioxide and the appropriate salt E.g. 2HCl + CaCO3 -> H20 + CaCl2