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Heating lead to an increase of pressure.
Cooling lead to a decrease of pressure.

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What happens to bromine when it's heated?

What happens to bromine gas in a sealed tube when it is cooled and later heatedAnswer:When bromine is cooled and then heated in a sealed container, the bromine juice starts evolving in a gaseous state. It then becomes a gas i.e. bromine gas which is red-brown in color

Explain what happens to a gas when it is put into a container?

The gas particles will spread out to encompass the entire volume of the container. The particles are constantly in motion and will run into the walls of the container creating pressure (basically). If heated, the particles will move faster, and slower if cooled.

What happens to a gas in a sealed container when the container is heated?

The gas molecules receive kinetic energy and start to vibrate

What happens to the speed of gas particles when heated?

The speed of the gas particles will increase as they are heated. That is why the pressure in a container increases. The particles are hitting the walls of the container with more force as they are heated.

What happens when a gas is cooled in a closed container?

The pressure is reduced inside the container (see collapsing can experiment) - if cool enough the gas will condensate or even freeze.

What happens when a sealed metal container that is holding a gas is heated?

The gas molecules receive energy and start to vibrate. The pressure within the container increases. The container could explode.

Why does heated gas become lighter?

because..................................................................................................................... density of heated gas is lower than cooled gas.

What happens when gas in a container is heated?

The pressure is increased within the container because the gas molecules have gained thermal kinetic energy, meaning that they exert more force on the sides of the container.

What happens when a gas is heated beyond 100 degrees?

Heating will cause the gas to expand; or, if the container does not permit expansion, for the pressure of the gas to increase. Other changes to the gas depend on which gas is being heated.

As the gas in a rigid container is heated what happens to the volume?

Given that the container is "rigid" the size of the container holding the gas cannot change. Since the volume of the container remains constant, so too does the volume of the gas. The pressure however will increase.

What happens when air is heated or cooled?

when air(gas) is cooled(thermal energy is removed) its molecules slow down and it becomes a liquid(condensation) when air(gas) is heated(thermal energy is added) its molecules speed up, but it wont change into a different phase until gas is heated to a temperature above 10,000 C, which removes electrons from the atoms

What happens to the pressure of a heated substance?

Generally, as a substance in a sealed container is heated, the pressure will increase. (This is especially true of gases as stated by the combined gas law)

Why does a gass expand when heated and contract when cooled?

When a gas is heated up, the particles within the gas start to move faster, going farther apart (expansion). When a gas is cooled, the particles slow down and it starts to condense (contract), and if cooled enough, into a liquid.

Why does volume of gas get smaller when its cooled?

Depening on the type of container that the gas is put in and cooled in it really doesn't get smaller but grows and multiplys the gas molecules.

What if the gas volume is confined to an expandable container What would happen to the gas volume if it is cooled?

If you cool a gas then its volume shrinks. As the container is expand/contactable, the container will also shrink.

How does the pressure inside a closed container of gas change if the container is cooled?

Gas pressure decreases when cooling down a closed container.

What happens when a liquid is heated to a gas and then cooled in sealed container?

When steaming something covered with a lid, over the stove, and you lift the lid, there is condensation....the gas turns back into a liquid. Same would happen in the above named situation. It would turn back into it's original state...liquid.

When a gas is heated in a container of fixed volume what happens to the pressure?

In that case, the pressure increases. Specifically, the pressure will be proportional to the absolute temperature.

Explain what happens to the particles level when the air is heated or cooled?

Depends on the container of the "air particles" and what you mean by "what happens." If it is inside a container that can not expand, then the pressure increases. If it is inside a container that can expand (or is just atmospheric air) then the volume increases. (Pressure * Volume = n * R * change in temperature) On the atomic level, the atoms or molecules (depending on the gas) begin to move more quickly as their kinetic energy increases.

What happens to metal when they heated and cooled?

When a metal or any other solid, liquid, or gas is heated they expand. This happens because the molecules that make these substances start to move or "shake" more than they already do. If they are heated to a certain point (depending on the substance) they will shake enough to break free. if you had a solid it will melt into a liquid, and a liquid into a gas.

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