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What happens when hydrogen and oxygen molecules form water?

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A chemical reaction between oxygen and hydrogen occur.

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What happens to oxygen when hydrogen is removed from h2o?

The oxygen atoms left behind from the water molecules join into diatomic oxygen molecules.

Do hydrogen and oxygen molecules form water?

Yes. hydrogen and oxygen molecules form water.

What happens to water when it is heated?

Firstly, there are two hydrogen molecules and one oxygen molecule that make up water. These hydrogen molecules are bound by hydrogen bonds to the oxygen molecule. Hence the meaning of H20. 2 hydrogens and 1 oxygen. The hydrogen molecules that are bound to the oxygen molecule are broken at high temperatures therefore water (in liquid condition) is turned into water vapor (gas condition).

What are water molecules composed of?

Water molecules are composed of oxygen and hydrogen. One atom of oxygen and two atoms of hydrogen.

What happens to water molecules in the light reaction?

H2o molecules are broken up into energized electrons, hydrogen ions, and oxygen.

What ingredients do water have?

Hydrogen and oxygen molecules. Two hydrogen, one oxygen.

If you have a container with hydrogen gas and oxygen gas do you have water?

No, if you have a contained filled with hydrogen and oxygen gas you have separated hydrogen molecules (H2) and oxygen molecules (O2). In water the hydrogen and oxygen are bonded to each other in water molecules (H2O). However, if you apply enough heat to a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen gas the two will react and water will be the product.

Hydrogen molecules and oxygen molecules can be easily split by what?

Hydrogen molecules and oxygen molecules can be easily split by what electrolysis. This is the process which is used to breakdown water.

Can 2 hydrogen molecules be combined with an oxygen molecule to make water?

YES, this happens when hydrogen burns. 2H2 + O2 ==> 2H2O

What will happen to hydrogen and oxygen molecules in electrolysis?

In the electrolysis of water, hydrogen and oxygen atoms are separated. They form their respective gases and escape the water molecules.

Where is the majority of negative charge on the water molecule?

Water molecules consist of hydrogen molecules and oxygen molecules. Most of the negative charge comes from the oxygen molecules while the hydrogen molecules carry the positive charge.

What do hydrogen bonds do to water?

The molecules of water are held together by hydrogen bonding between molecules.These are electrostatic bonds (attraction forces between opposite charges) that hydrogen makes with the oxygen of neighbouring molecules. Hydrogen, when bonded to oxygen to form water molecules, is slightly positive and the oxygen in the water molecule is slightly negative. Hydrogen gets attracted to the neighbouring slightly negative oxygen atoms.This is great for life on Earth because small molecules the size of water tend to be gases but water is a liquid. It is a liquid due to the hydrogen bonding between molecules.

When water is broken down what happens to the oxygen and hydrogen atoms it is made of?

When water is broken down chemically the hydrogen and oxygen atoms split apart from on another and rearrange into diatomic hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2) molecules. 2H2O --> 2H2 + O2

What holds the hydrogen and oxygen molecules together in water?

Strong hydrogen bonding forms between molecules of hydrogen and oxygen, nitrogen, and fluorine. Water is composed of hydrogen and oxygen, so the intermolecular forces between them cause them to attract.

Why do water molecules and oxygen molecules attract?

this is abdulrehman water molecules attract oxygen molecules because due to strong hydrogen bonding between water and oxygen and also oxygen is a strong electronegative element

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