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There is no chemical or physical reaction in this test.

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The answer is strictly a matter of taste and judgment. There is no overall 'best' diamond.

The Diamond Man was created in 1924.

keep powder of diamond near the ants or home flies.If they start eating it then we can conclued that the taste of it is sweet and if ants or flies not eat it then it is salty.Because the scientist who taste the diamond,only able to write "S" there fore I suggest this way.

Diamonds are formed from carbon, and in this state, possess no taste or smell.

Carbon doesn't have a taste. The reason haw I know is because carbon is made in a diamond. If you taste a diamond, it may taste like dirt because it came from the Earth. How you can tell if a diamond is real is if you exhail on it, and you look back and fog is still there, then it is fake, but if it is real, you can exhail (which causes fog) ,and look back really quickly, the fog is gone.

You clean a man made diamond the same way that you would clean any other diamond. Chemically speaking there is absolutely no difference between a diamond that is made by a man made process and a diamond that was made by a geologic process.

It then becomes a negatively-charged diamond.

it will taste very floury and taste bitter

Diamond Hoo Ha Man was created on 2008-01-14.

The Diamond Man - 1924 is rated/received certificates of: UK:A

Man made diamonds are chemically the same as natural diamonds.

Its not there but you can taste it

It's "味道", as in "the taste of food"; "品味", as in "a man of superior taste".

Diamond is the strongest material know to man.

The Man from Blackhawk - 1959 Diamond Cut Diamond 1-23 was released on: USA: 18 March 1960

Almost 25-30% less for a man made diamond

When you lose your sense of smell you begin to lose taste too. This happens because a large portion of your taste comes from smell.

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