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What happens when people have too many sets of DNA?

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No, every human has a different set of DNA. That is why police can tell the differnece between two people using two different sets of hair.

two sets of sister chromatids that have synapsed

No, every persons DNA is different, however, brothers would have very similar DNA. Many traits of the DNA are hereditary, but no two sets of DNA are identical. Much like a thumb print only far more complex.

It is a genetic trait governed by the person's DNA, and it's very rare.

DNA is made of 2 strands so when it replicates the strands separate and 2 new strands complete the old strands. leaving 4 strands making 2 sets of DNA, both sets of DNA consist of one old strand and one new strand.- Sierra A. Buchanan

Well, scientists can use extracted DNA for many uses. They can find out who was involved in a murder case, they can find out how different two different sets of DNA are, disorders, etc...

There are a great many misconceptions about DNA fingerprinting. Many people believe this will solve all problems with DNA for example.

A gene has two sets of DNA.

It needs two sets of DNA because each cell needs DNA.

no many people have been falsely accused due to DNA testing

DNA moleculetwo sets of alleles

so that there will be two sets of DNA ... one for each new cell. If the DNA doesnt replicate one new cell would have no DNA. and cells need DNA.

what happen when dna letters are changed

the DNA poly-meres must add complementary nucleotides to the DNA

The enzyme DNA helicase splits the DNA molcule

You get two exact replica or the photocopies of DNA during splitting of DNA.

DNA splits, and mRNA and tRNA are there to create new strands for the new replicated DNA strand. This is what happens prior to mitosis in cell division.

When there is a mistake in the DNA code a mutation then occurs.

The DNA is just replicated in the chromosomes and it does not change.

When DNA replicates,the double helix splits in the middle.

DNA is replicated once before and once after mitosis

When a mistake happens in the process of copying DNA, the result is called a Mutation.

The two strands of DNA unwind and separate at the beginning of DNA replication.