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The water evaporates and the salt remains in the beaker
It really depends on what you are trying to find out. If you want to know the effect of salt on the boiling point of water, then the answer is that salt water will boil at a higher temperature than pure water. So we can say that salt increases the boiling point of water, which is normally 100 degrees C.

If you just want the observations of boiling salt water, then the answer is that as the water is boiling, it evaporates into the atmosphere as water vapour. So we actually lose water from the beaker (or whatever you are boiling the water in) into the air. If you boil it long enough, the water will eventually be lost altogether and you'll be left with dry salt crystals on the bottom and sides of the beaker.

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When salt water is boiled what happens to the salt?

Salt crystals remain as the boiled hot water evaporates.

What happens when salt and water is boiled together?

the water will evaporate and leave the salt behind. if you want to get salt from salt water just boil it

What happens when you put a boiled egg into salt water?

The salt in the water would absorb throught the boiled egg making it a SALTY boiled egg and if you took off the shell you would see the salt crystals. :)

What happens when salt water is distilled?

Distilling salt water separates the salt and the water: water is boiled away and condensed back to water, leaving the salt.

What happens when a solution of salt water is boiled and the water evaporates and solid salt remains?

Water is transformed in vapors, salt remain as a solid.

What happens to salt water when is boiled?

When adding salt to water, in any concentration it raises the boiling point of the water. However, as the water is boiled the water evaporates leaving the salt behind and the salinity of the water increases (think the Dead Sea). Water can completely evaporate leaving only salt and mineral behind (Sea Salt).

Which dissolves faster salt or water in boiled water?

Boiled water.

A solution of salt water is boiled The water evaporates and solid salt remains What happens next?

The salt and the water have both undergone physical changes.

What happens to the concentration of salt in a salt water solution as it is being boiled?

Salt does not boil away at approx. 100 Celsius. The water evaporates causing the concentration of salt to increase.

Do plants grow faster in salt water or boiled water or plain water?

boiled water

What happens on adding salt to the water in which eggs are boiled why?

Adding salt allows the water to boil at a higher temperature, so the eggs cook somewhat quicker.

What happens when you put a boiled egg in pure water and then in concentrated salt solution?

Greenblucks cousin will beat the sh1t out of you

What is an effective way to extract salt from water?

Distilling is an effective way to extract salt from water. You can boil the salt water and collect the steam for fresh, salt free water. Once the water has all boiled away, you can collect the salt that is left on the bottom of whatever you boiled the salt water in.

Which water boils first salt water or tap water?

salt water boiled first i had to do an experiment and salt water won

How is crystal salt being formed by boiled water and salt?

the water evaporates leaving salt crystal

What happens when a boiled egg is kept in water?

when you put a boiled egg in water, it ferments.

When you boil salt water you are left with salt why?

Water, when boiled, changes form into steam, which will leave whatever is dissolved in it in the original container. Salt dissolves in water, therefore it is left in the container from which water has evaporated from when boiled. Basically, the water boils away before the salt does, so you are left with salt.

Is it possible to make a boiled egg float?

A boiled egg will float in salt water.

How does boiled salt water help the world?

Boiling salt water produces two things: drinkable water from the vapor, and salt, an essential element.

How do you get sodium chloride from salt solution?

A salt solution contains salt (sodium chloride) and water. If you want to separate the salt from the water, you need to boil the water. When the water is boiled, it will form a gas and leave the salt solution. (It doesn't need to be boiled, and could be left to sit in room temperature where the water can evaporate). Therefore, the salt is left behind and is separated from the water.

What happens to water when a kettle is boiled?

it will evaporate

What happens to water once boiled?

it is hot !!

What if iodized salt is boiled?

the temperature of boiling water that is mixed with iodized salt will decrease.

How were you able to separate the salt from the water?

In order to separate salt from water, you need to boil the water. Once all of the water has evaporated, the salt will be at the bottom of the container the water was boiled in.

What to add to the water when cooking hard boiled eggs?


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