What happens when scout are walking home from the pageant in the book to kill a mockingbird?

Scout and Jem were walking down to their house from the Halloween Pageant, when Jem heard noises. before they had left scoutcouldn't find her cloths so she had to keep her costume on. so as Jem and scout walked home from the play, Jem kept hearing a noise every time they would move . but when Jem and scout would stop the noise would stop. so they kept walking and someone had jumped out on the and grabbed Jem. then they had grabbed scout, then someone else had grabbed scout and she was trying to get her costume off but she couldn't.
the person who had attacked Jem and scout was bob Ewell. the person who helped them was boo Radley. so basically what happened that night was they was walking home and someone attacked them and boo Radley helped them Radley had also killed bob Ewell.