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Sulfur is melted at 115,21 0C; the boiling point is at 444,6 0C. In an air atmosphere sulfur burn and form sulfur dioxide.

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What happens to iron filings and sulfur powder when heated?

When sufficiently heated, iron filings and sulfur react to produce a compound, iron (II) sulfide.

What happens to sulfur when it is heated?

It melts, and turns a bright red color.

What happens to sulfur when heated very strongly?

Sulfur is melted at 115,21 0C; the boiling point is at 444,6 0C. In an air atmosphere sulfur burn and form sulfur dioxide.

Why there is no substance formed when sulfur and iron is heated?

no,iron sulphide is made up when sulphur and iron is heated.

What happens to wood when heated up?

it will take long to be heated up,

What happens when sulfur is heated in oxygen?

If it is burning and exposed to oxygen it will burn an indigo color. Sulfur dioxide, a toxic, irritating and acid forming gas is formed.

What happens when heated steal wool is lower into sulfur vapour?

The steel wool will burned and turned in black substance.

What happens when solid barium sulfate heated?

Barium sulfate is thermally decomposed in barium oxide and sulfur trioxide.

When a mixture of powdered iron and sulfur is heated what will be formed?

Iron sulfide will be formed when a mixture of powdered iron and sulfur are heated.

What is the color of the heated sulfur alone?

The melted sulfur is red-brown.

What happens when lead is heated strongly in air?

The first shell call of sulfur is six electrons Plastic is a petro chemical

What happens when iron III sulphate is heated?

By heating this compound is thermally dissociated: iron oxide and sulfur dioxide are obtained.

What happens when iron filings and sulphur powder get heated?

The iron and sulfur react chemically to form the compound iron sulfide.

Which gives sulfur dioxide when heated in air?

Burning elemental sulfur in air will create sulfur dioxide.

What happens to leaves when heated?

they shrink and shrivel up

What happens when it is heated?

"It" heats up,unless you were talking about that.

What happens to the particles of rock is heated up?

when particles in a piece of rock is heated up it stays the same size.

Is it possible to separate iron and sulfur after being heated?

No, heating would not separate iron and sulfur.

What does copper and sulfur make?

Sulfur and copper, when heated together, react to form copper(I) sulfide, Cu2S.

Characteristics of sulfur after heated?

By heating liquid sulfur is obtained. The liquid is very viscous and had a red color.

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