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Q: What happens when the K value is larger?
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The larger the K value the the acid or base?


The larger the K value the what the acid or base?


Which atom has the larger atomic radius K or Li?

K (potassium) has the larger atomic radius.

What happens to the shape of the chi-square distribution as the df value increases?

As the value of k, the degrees of freedom increases, the (chisq - k)/sqrt(2k) approaches the standard normal distribution.

What happens when there is a very high k value in an equilibrium reaction?

Forward reaction favored, concentration of products is higher

What is the binary value of K ASCII?

The binary value for K is 1001011.

What is the value of k if 5k - 7 equals -7?

The value of k is 0

What is the decimal value of the ASCII letter K?

The ASCII value of capital K is 75. For a small k it is 107.

Define effective length of a column.?

The equations for critical buckling load include the variable KL which is the effective length. K is the effective length factor. Values for K vary depending on the load and type of supports of a member.NOTE:The larger the effective length, the less strength there is in a column. So, if there is a choice of effective lengths, the larger value will give the more conservative strength value.

What is the value of x in the equation 6x squared plus 2x plus k equals 0 showing work as well as an answer?

Using the quadratic formula, you will find for the equation 6x² + 2x + k = 0: x = (-b ±√(b² - 4ac)) / 2a → x = (-2 ± √(2² - 4×6×k)) / (2×6) → x = (-2 ± √(4 - 4×6k)) / (2×6) → x = (-1 ± √(1 - 6k)) / 6 The value of the discriminant (b² - 4ac) affects the value of x: >0 → there are two real values of x; this happens when 1 - 6k > 0 → k < 1/6; =0 → there is one repeated root, ie a single value of x; this happens when k = 1/6 (making x = -1/6); <0 → there are two complex values of x; this happens when k > 1/6.

Does the hundreds or hundredths place have a larger value?

Hundreds have a larger place value.

Does na1 have a larger atomic radius than k1?

K+ has larger radius