What happens when the stomach eats itself?


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You are referring to an ulcer, and it is terribly painful. You can't keep food down, you can't lay down without belching up stomach acid, and you will be doubled up from the stabbing pain.


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the stomach of the dog will be fulfull

That is heartburn. Your heart doesn't actually burn, you just feel the acid eating away at the stomach.

take him to a vet and get his stomach pumped. EWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!

her stomach is full so she is no longer hungry

What happens is your brain slowly eats itself until it turns into mush.

A peptic ulcer forms when the wall of the stomach fails to protect itself from digestive juices. A reduction in the thick mucus layer of the stomach leads to this erosion.

The overall elasticity of the stomach itself allows for its expansion. The epithelial tissue the stomach is made out of is actually a type of skin, which just happens to be stretchy.

He would probably get a stomach-ache and diarrhoea.

he could die if he eats a whole bag and need to take him to the vet since if will irritate his stomach just like to humans

It may upset it's stomach, causing vomiting, or diarhea on the other end.

Not sure but get it to a vet and they will either pump the stomach or run fluids through and I.V.

When a child eats a worm or bug the stomach acid will kill it and take the necessary vitamins and minerals and he/she will poop out what's left out like everything else.

It means that it has emotional problems and it probably is in a lot of pain because it just ate itself.

TAKE IT TO THE VET!! It could cause major problems by blocking areas in the stomach or intestines.

um, i would take it to the vets, because it could clog up its stomach, and kill it horribly.

Take that dog to the vet immediately! It will likely needs it's stomach pumped!

Because the stomach is actually constantly secreting a layer of mucus that protects the stomach itself.

Its inside wall is protected by a layer of mucus. If this breaks down, the stomach may start digesting itself and cause ulcers. Also, the stomach does not really "eat" anything. It partially breaks down food without absorbing it. That happens later in the intestines.

Nothing. It will just get digested in the rumen and other three stomach chambers then get passed out as waste in the form of feces.

your child will get very sick and if lucky, it might barf out the shell if not, they would be having super stomach aches.

The function of the stomach wall is to protect your stomach from eating itself. It has a coating of mucus on the inside that renews itself every three days and stops the hydrochloric acid in your stomach from dissolving itself.

If stomachs did not have a lining of mucus, your stomach would digest itself

Why are you asking this? Anyway, when the stomach starts to eating itself, pls consult a doctor! When it started, it normally caused because of excess digestion or empty stomach. After it started, it will digest it stomach wall, causing a hole in the stomach. It is super risky as stomach contained a substance called digestive juice. When the digestive juice flowed out of the stomach through the hole, other organs is .... Somehow risky to be digest.

When sensory nerves are cut or removed in the stomach, changes in eating habits will occur. Hunger itself will still exist though.

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