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What happens when you don't take your birth control?


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If you have sex without using some kind of Birth Control, then you'll get pregnant. It doesn't happen EVERY time, but if you continue to have sex without using some form of birth control, you WILL get pregnant.

Use a condom. Every time, until you WANT to get pregnant.

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An IUD is a choice of birth control.... I dont think you take antibiotics for birth control... you take antibiotics for infections.

If you don't remove the birth control patch, it will eventually fall off on its own. If you mistyped and want to stop the patch, you can stop at anytime.

Birth control pills are female hormones, a man should not take them.

If you don't continue to take your birth control, you may get pregnant. Not following up on your birth control will not lead to infertility.

The effectiveness is the same whether you take the birth control pill with food or on any empty stomach, but some women have nausea if they don't take the birth control pill with food.

Hi Your question is: If you dont take your last birth control pill will that delay your period? No but it may cause your period to arrive one day earlier.

Sometimes your periods are late or non-existent on the birth control pill. If you have missed pills or are concerned you can take a pregnancy test. Missing birth control pills will decrease the effectiveness of them preventing you from becoming pregnant. The birth control pills will not make the pregnancy test come up positive.

If you forget to take your birth control pill, just take it as soon as you remember. Nothing actually happens, unless you don't take for a few days. But if you take it as soon a you remember it is okay although its not on the time you were going totake it.

The baby could have birth defects or even die..

You can take birth control when you have herpes.

There is a good chance of getting pregnant since your system needs to adapt to the effects of birth control and therefore it's best to take any preventative methods in order to reduce the chance of pregnancy

Birth control pills are hormones and will not help you better if you take 4 at one time. You need to take a pill each day for them to work otherwise you are not protected.

You will become pregnant if you do not take your birth control pills regularly. Birth control will not work at all if you do not take it everyday at the same time.If you do not take your birth control regularly, you are not allowing the hormones to regulate and adapt in your system. By taking your birth control every day and at the same time as directed by all physicians, you will be 99.9%+ protected from pregnancy. Also if you just started taking birth control pills, you must wait 1 month before you have unprotected intercourse, because birth control does not regulate in your system anytime before that.

On the lighter side You will give berth to a boat.

Yes, you can take birth control during your period. You should take your birth control as directed regardless of bleeding.

If you take a pill , then it may affect your cycle next month.

if you have sex and don't take birth control, you may get pregnant. Birth control reduces the risk of pregnancy.

You can get the birth control injection in the same arm every time for years. There is no medical need to rotate injection sites.

If u take your birth control late there is a chance of getting pregnant if you're on the pill I was on seasonique for two years and took my pills on time and still got pregnant.

If you take more than one birth control pill, it's fine...that just means that your catching up from missing it the day before.

Hi, This does sometimes happen hun and is nothing to worry about. You should get your period next month but you will need to do a pregnancy test to rule out pregnancy just incase you conceived during the first month of taking birth control pill as this does sometimes occur when you dont use protection. Take care.

If you took your birth control correctly and didn't have withdrawal bleeding during the pill-free week, there is probably no need for concern. Hormonal birth control can lighten the amount of flow to the point that there is no bleeding. If you did not take your birth control correctly, or are experiencing symptoms of pregnancy, take a test to make sure.

You take birth control as scheduled regardless of bleeding.

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