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Your lungs collapse.

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What happens to muscles to cause us to exhale?

The diaphragm pushes the air out of the air in your lungs. It can be located in your upper stomach. that also explains "getting the air knocked out of you". the lungs are muscles on their own, also, and help with the exhalation process.

What happens if both boxers get knocked out at the same time?

It is a draw

What happens when jack punches piggy Why is this significant?

he gets knocked out

What happens when you inhale XENON?

It is an anaesthetic gas so you will get knocked out.

What happens when you get knocked out?

you dont feel anything and arent aware of your surroundings

What happens to electrons in the photoelcetric effect?

They are knocked off atoms -apex

What is the mean of knocked back while making bread?

Knocked back means when the dough has risen you knead it again and 'knock out' all of the air

What happens if you mistakenly pour water into oil tank?

you get knocked upside the head.

Can you live on Saturn why or why not?

no because there is no air so that knocked that out no food no water ok

What happens to the entropy of the cards when they are knocked over?

do you think what the group did to the messenger war justified

What happens to the air at night?

what happens to air when it touches the warmed air

What happens if your rabbit gets hit by a ball?

If it is a hard hit it will die . If not it will be knocked out for five minutes.

What happens when the sperm enters the famale?

gets them knocked-up you idiot how come you don't know this

What happens when you get the wind knocked out of you?

Something hits your abdomen hard and fast, and you can't breathe for a while.

What happens to water vapor in the air when the air cools?

What happens to the water vaporin the air when the air cools

What happened whan the turkey got into a fight?

What happens when the turkey got into a fight? He got the stuffing knocked out of him.

What happens to a person after being hit in the head and has a seizure?

They could get knocked out and go blank for a couple hours.

What happens to most of the air that you breathe into your body?

What happens to most of the air that you breathe in?

What happens too solid snake when he runs out of psych?

he get's knocked out and stars appear in a circle around his head.

In the photoelectric effect what happens when light hits metal?

electrons are knocked off atoms causing electricity to flow

In the photoelectric effect what happens when light hits the metal?

Electrons are knocked off atoms, that causes electric flow

In the photoelectric effect,what happens when light hits the metal?

electrons are knocked off atoms, causing electricity to flow

What happens in warm air and what happens in cold air?

well i think when a cold air comes the warm air is on top so after a warm air their is probably a cold air

What happens when a cold air current meets a warm air current?

Hurricane Laquisha happens

What happens to iron when exposed ot air?

what happens when iron is exposed to air~ becomes rust