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I would think the flame would sway away from the flow of CO2 in order to maintain its necessary "burn food", oxygen.

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When a candle is burning what are the products burning?

the products of a burning candle are water vapor and carbon dioxide

What is the product of a burning candle be?

A burning candle produces water vapor and carbon dioxide gas.

What gases released when burning a candle?

Carbon Dioxide

What gasses are emitted from burning a candle?

carbon dioxide

What is the gas that was released by the burning candle?

Carbon Dioxide (CO2).

What happens when you put a glass jar on a candle example?

the candle will go out because oxygen helps in burning but a burning substance produces carbon dioxide but when we put a glass upon can carbon will heavier than oxygen and when oxygen will less candle will go out

How does a candle produce carbon dioxide while it burns?

Any burning (oxidation reaction) produce carbon dioxide.

What gas does a fire candle burning produce?

It produces carbon dioxide.

What does a candle give off?

As a candle burns it produces the by products that are the result of that burning [burning of the wax and the wick] For the most part these by products are Carbon Dioxide, Water and Soot [Carbon] if the candle burns with a sooty flame.

What is the source of vapor and carbon dioxide in a burning candle?

The reaction of hydrocarbon (i.e. wax) with oxygen Hydrocarbon + oxygen --> water + carbon dioxide

What product is formed when a candle is burning?

While the compounds released differ from candle to candle they all produce water vapor and carbon dioxide.

If a plant and a burning candle are placed under a bell jar the candle will burn because the plant gives off carbon dioxide?

The candle will burn BUT it is because the plant is giving off OXYGEN and is TAKING IN carbon dioxide.

What are some substances produced by a burning candle?

Water (H2O) and Carbon dioxide (CO2)

What chemical change occurs when a candle is burning?

When a candle is burnt, the flame and the wan get oxidised for combustion and carbon dioxide is released.

Will candle produce nitrogen when it's burning?

Will candle produce nitrogen when it's burning? The only substances produced are carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and water. Under perfect circumstances. So called efficient burning.

What happens when a candle is lit?

The hydrogen and the carbon dioxide mix. Candle uses oxygen and wax as fuel

Why burning a candle a chemical change?

Because burning a candle produces new products, carbon dioxide, water vapour, soot. You can't make the ashes go back to being a candle.

What are the products of burning candle wax?

co2 (carbon dioxide) and water (hydrogen). Hope this helped!

When you mix a burning splint and carbon dioxide what happens?

The burning splint cannot continue burning without oxygen. If placed in a container with only carbon dioxide, the fire will go out.

If a plant and a burning candle are placed under a bell jar will the candle burn?

no it will not it needs carbon dioxide to burn, without it theres no way the candle will be able to burn

What happens to the matter of a burning candle?

The matter undergoes a chemical change. The wax and wick react with oxygen to form water vapor, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and soot. Some of the carbon is left behind on the wick.

What physically happens when you burn wood?

Physically, the candle is melted.Chemically, the candle is burned releasing water and carbon dioxide.

Would a large plant and a burning candle placed under a bell jar will the candle burn the plant because of the plant is giving off carbon dioxide?

no, the candle would burn because the plant was giving off oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide from the air

How an anaerobic atmosphere can be created in a jar?

If you burn a candle in the jar, it will use the oxygen as fuel and turn it into carbon dioxide. When the candle stops burning, the oxygen is gone.

How can we prove that carbon dioxide is present in the air?

A candle dye out in carbon dioxide.