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it creates salt and water

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Is aspirin soluble in acid?

it is insoluble in acid, since aspirin is a weak base, thus won't react with an acid, thus insoluble

What happens when a strong acid and a strong base react?

They form water and a salt which is either soluble thus ionised, or as insoluble precipitate.

What happens when a strong acid and a strong base are mix together?

They react by forming water and a salt which is either soluble thus ionised, or as insoluble precipitate.

How can a salt be formed from acid insoluble base?

Bases do not have to be soluble to react with acids. Chalk (calcium carbonate) is a base and is insoluble. If pieces of chalk are added to acid it will react to produce a salt, water and carbon dioxide gas (these are the bubble you see). Copper oxide is another insoluble base, if added to acid it will form a salt and water (no bubbles of gas will be observed in this case)

What happens when an acid and a base react?

they form a neutralized substance.They form the salt.

What happens when a strong acid and a strong bace react?

A strong acid dissolves to form H+ and an anion, and a strong base dissolves in water to form OH- and a cation. When they react, the H+ and OH- react, forming water (and usually a large amount of heat) the anion and cation may either react to form a precipitate (if the reaction yields an insoluble compound) or they remain suspended (if their compound would yield an already soluble compound). A strong acid when react with a strong base, a neutral compound is formed with the evolution of heat.

An acid and base react to form salt water in what type of reaction?

Called an 'acid base' reaction or a 'proton transfer' reaction.Only when a precipitate (of an insoluble salt) is formed, it is called a 'salt formation' reaction.

What happens when acid and base react?

salt and water are produced, usually with a release of heat.

When acid and base react what happens to the temperature?

The acid / base neutralization reaction is exothermic, so heath is produced, temperature will go up when adiabatic

Is talc an acid or a base?

Talk is an insoluble solid.

What happens when an acid and a base react with each other?

They react and cancel each other out. The process is called neutralization and it causes them to cancel out.

Is hydrocarbon an acid or a base?

It is a base neither acid nor base, because it doesn't react with base nor acid!

Will NH3 react with an acid?

Yes. Ammonia is a base. It will react with an acid to form the corresponding ammonium salt.

How do you neutralize an acid of a base?

- Alkalis,such as sodium hydroxide, are soluble bases. Metal oxides, such as copper(II) hydroxide, are insoluble bases. Insoluble bases also react with acids to form salts and water.- In general,acid + base ----> salt + water- NEUTRALISATION is the reaction between an acid and a base to form salt and water only.- An alkali react with an acid in a reaction called a neutralisation reaction. Neutralisation reactions are studied above.- Hydrochloric acid (an acid) is being added to sodium hyroxide (an alkali).*this have to use an indicator. the colour of the indicator will decrease to become neutral.

What does mean by acid base titration?

In simple words acid base titration is a titration in which acid and base react..

Will the base NH3 base react with an acid?

Yes it can react to form Ammonium salts

What do bases react with?

There are many things with a base could react. A base could react with an acid or foods for example.

What are the methods of preparing insoluble salts?

Salts are prepared by a reaction between an acid and a base; the insoluble salt is a precipitate.

Is AI an acid or base?

Aluminium is not an acid or a base, but it does react with both acids and alkalis.

What type of chemical reacts with acid?

A base will react with an acid.

Why does sulphuric acid react easily with sodium hydroxide and not hydrochloric acid?

an acid will react easily with base, not with another acid (generally) so sulphuric acid reacts with sodium hydroxide (a base) and not with hydrochloric acid

What happens when you put magnesium in a base?

Magnesium does not seem to react with dilute aqueous alkalis or bases. However, it does react with acids like sulfuric acid by dissolving in it.

A reaction of an acid and base will produce water and what?

An acid and a base react to form water and a salt

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