What happens when you take drugs when you are pregnant?

Lots of things may be happen after having a drug when you are pregnant. In pregnancy the usage of drugs, alcohol and narcotics may pass through plasenta to and when that occurs depending on the chemical properties of the material and the stage of the pregnancy baby may effected mild or severely. most of the drugs which are used to cure diseases have their instructions about their teratogenic effects and due to that if it is usable in the conditions of pregnancy or not.

There is a very good example for the drug usage effects on pregnancy. When the well known anti-cancer drug first discovered as an untivomiting drug in early 70's most of the pregnant woman used the medication for their nausea and most of the babies born whose mother have used this medication with phocomelia.

As it is exampled above the risks of having drugs when you are pregnant are huge and you should beware dreadfully when you have to use medications.

The risk of that severe dmg drops down after 1st trimester but it never goes to 0.