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If you run out of RAM, your computer can start running very slow, give you error messages or even stop responding all together. Once you run out of physical memory, your computer will attempt to swap things out of the RAM and into virtual memory. If the page file grows to its maximum allowed size, you will likely start getting out of memory errors. If you do not close programs and release some memory, you may experience some lock ups and need to reboot.

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Q: What happens when your computer runs out of RAM?
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What does RAM mean on the computer?

ram means how fast your computer runs.

What happens when you add more RAM to your computer?

It will be hang.

When your computer runs out of RAM the operayinf system borrows space from the CPU true or false?

False. If the computer runs out of RAM, it borrows space from the hard drive.

When your computer runs out of ram does it borrow space from the CPU?

If your computer runs out of ram it will use virtual memory, essentially meaning it will borrow space from the hard drive.

The factors that affect the speed at which the computer runs are RAM and?


Can more ram needed when computer runs out of ram?

Adding RAM (Random Access Memory) depends on how many RAM Slots your computer has. If you have an empty slot or can upgrade RAM in existing slots, yes you can upgrade your RAM.

What happens to contents of ram when computer is shut off?

The contents of RAM are lost when power is cut.

What happens to your computer when the amount of RAM is very small?

It becomes slow.

What happens to anything in the RAM when you turn off your computer?

RAM is temporray storage for aplacations that are cerently open when power is off RAM is reset

Installing addons and toolbars can slow down computer?

True... add-ons and/or toolbars are loaded into memory (RAM)... The less RAM you have available to the computer's processor - the slower the computer runs.

What happens if the computer is started without RAM?

The BIOS will generate an error message.

When a computer is turned off what happens to data stored in RAM?

The information stored in RAM is lost after power is switched off.

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