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Sharks. Life began in the ocean, not on the land.

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Q: What has been on earth longer cockroaches or sharks?
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Has turtles been around longer then sharks?

sharks have been longer than turtles

Have dinosaurs been extinct?

Somewhat,sharks,dragon flies,and cockroaches were around in that time but survived.

Cockroaches how long on earth?

Scientists believe there have been cockroaches on Earth for at least 280 million years. They have discovered fossils from that long ago.

What is the origin of cockroach?

The cockroach is from European countries and the United States. Cockroaches have been on the earth for over 300 million years. Fossils of cockroaches have been found that are dated back to the Carboniferous period in the evolution of the earth.

How long have lemon sharks been on earth?

Lemon sharks are one of the first shark spicies on planet earth

How long have Cockroaches been on earth?

according to some writers, they've been here for about 400M years.

How long have Cicadas been on earth?

The cicada has been on the earth for more than 200 million years. Cicada's have been on earth probably as long as cockroaches, which is over 250 million years.

Which animals have been here on earth the longest?


Have jellyfish been on the earth longer than dinosaurs?

Yes They have been on earth for 450,000,000 years, that's longer than dinosaurs

How long has sharks been on the earth?

around 400 million years

Who came first humans or cockroaches?

Cockroaches came first. In fact, cockroaches came before dinosaurs, and it has been said that cockroaches will outlive humans just as they outlived the dinosaurs.

Have sharks been around longer before the dinosaurs existed?

sharks evolved 175 million years before the first dinosaur and 100 million before the first reptile

Why aren't sharks extinct like dinosaurs?

Because dinosaurs have been around longer and there is more out in t he wild to hunt or kill them then in the water like for sharks

What is the difference between a cockroaches nymph and an adult cockroaches?

a nymph has only just been born or only molted a couple times. Adult means that they are done moltingadult cockroaches have wings while nymph cockroaches do not

How long has there been sharks?

According to fossil records, sharks have existed as far back as 400 million years. Sharks have survived at least 4 global mass extinctions that wiped out 80% of Earth's mega-fauna.

Is bacteria been on earth longer than people?


How cockroaches came to India?

Cockroaches have been found in India since the humans have inhabited it. Cockroaches are found in almost all parts of the world, except for locations with extremely cold temperatures.

How long have sharks been on Earth?

Sharks have been around for about 409 million years but before they evolved they were around for 890 million years.Sharks have been around for about 409 million years but before they evolved they were around for 890 million years. TRUE!Over 400 million years!Shakrs have been alive for a very long time. They have swam the waters of earth since about 409 million years ago. This period of time was before our first dinosaurs came to be infact.

Are there cockroaches in the mesozoic era?

NO there were not , well not modern day cockroaches! They would have been much bigger and probably looked different!

Has the moon been around longer than Earth?

Yes. Around WHERE is the REAL question! :)

How old are sharks?

sharks have been here for a huge amount of time. They have been here even before the dinosaurs. Since all life began in the ocean, sharks have been the top predator for millions of years. They are one of the smartest animals in the world, having long and short term memory, and they can learn. They are he least changed animals on earth, not by evolution or adaptation because they are natures perfect predator. dispite what most people think, sharks do not eat people.

How long have tarantulas been on earth?

Tarantulas have been on Earth for at least tens of thousands of years, probably much longer. Their ancestor species have been on Earth since before the dinosaurs, hundreds of millions of years ago.

Why are the cockroaches in New York suddenly able to fly?

The cockroaches have always been able to fly, the conditions just haven't been favorable for them to do so. With the heatwave in summer of 2016 having temperatures in the 90ºs and high humidity, it is the cockroaches favorite environment. The warm and steamy weather encourages them to fly.

Is there game of cartoon oggy and 3 cockroaches?

There are online games of the cartoon Oggy and the Cockroaches in the Cartoon Network Asia website. Oggy and the Cockroaches is a French animated cartoon series that has been running since November 28,1998.

Have birds been on earth longer than humans?

Modern ones no but some of them have