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Sharks. Life began in the ocean, not on the land.

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Q: What has been on earth longer cockroaches or sharks?
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Has turtles been around longer then sharks?

sharks have been longer than turtles

Cockroaches how long on earth?

Scientists believe there have been cockroaches on Earth for at least 280 million years. They have discovered fossils from that long ago.

Why are female sharks longer than the male sharks?

In most species, yes. There are exceptions. Its been suggested the females need to be bigger to handle carrying and conceiving the children.

How long has sharks been on the earth?

around 400 million years

When were cicadas first discovered?

The cicada has been on the earth for more than 200 million years. Cicada's have been on earth probably as long as cockroaches, which is over 250 million years.

Have jellyfish been on the earth longer than dinosaurs?

Yes They have been on earth for 450,000,000 years, that's longer than dinosaurs

Why aren't sharks extinct like dinosaurs?

Because dinosaurs have been around longer and there is more out in t he wild to hunt or kill them then in the water like for sharks

Is bacteria been on earth longer than people?


How long has there been sharks?

since right after a sharks came into being

Are there cockroaches in the mesozoic era?

NO there were not , well not modern day cockroaches! They would have been much bigger and probably looked different!

How cockroaches came to India?

Cockroaches have been found in India since the humans have inhabited it. Cockroaches are found in almost all parts of the world, except for locations with extremely cold temperatures.

What planets has no rings?

Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars. Pluto has been demoted, and is no longer considered to be a planet.