What has the author Albert H Morehead written?

Albert H. Morehead has written:

'Hoyle's rules of games; descriptions of indoor games of skill and chance, with advice on skillful play' -- subject(s): Cards, Indoor games

'Official rules of card games' -- subject(s): Card games, Playing cards

'The New complete Hoyle' -- subject(s): Card games, Board games

'Canasta, the popular new rummy game for two to six players' -- subject(s): Canasta (Game)

'According to Hoyle'

'Hoyle's Rules of Games' -- subject(s): Indoor games, Cards, Card games, OverDrive, Games, Nonfiction, Dammen (bordspel)

'The new American Webster handy college dictionary' -- subject(s): Dictionaries, English language

'A treasury of literary masterpieces' -- subject(s): Literature, Stories, plots

'New American crossword puzzle dictionary'

'Hoyle's Rules of Games'

'First Crossword Puzzle Book, The New American'

'Hoyle's Rules'

'Contract bridge summary' -- subject(s): Contract bridge

'New American Rogets Thesaurus'

'100 great American novels' -- subject(s): American fiction, History and criticism, Stories, plots