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What has the author Ann Gardiner written?

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Ann Gardiner has written:

'The minister's wife'

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What has the author Edwin R Gardiner written?

Edwin R. Gardiner has written: '\\'

What has the author Sam Gardiner written?

Sam Gardiner has written: 'Protestant windows'

What has the author Dorothy Gardiner written?

Dorothy Gardiner has written: 'The great betrayal'

What has the author W Lambert Gardiner written?

W Lambert Gardiner has written: 'Psychology'

What has the author B A Gardiner written?

B. A. Gardiner has written: 'Mechanical characteristics of sitka spruce'

What has the author Frederick Gardiner written?

Frederick Gardiner has written: 'Gardiner's handbook of skin diseases'

What has the author L R Gardiner written?

L R. Gardiner has written: 'Durham and Canada'

What has the author Charles Wrey Gardiner written?

Charles Wrey Gardiner has written: 'Lament for strings'

What has the author Virginia Gardiner Durstine written?

Virginia Gardiner Durstine has written: 'Monty of Montego'

What has the author Gardiner Tufts written?

Gardiner Tufts has written: 'Remarks of Gardiner Tufts, superintendent of the Massachusetts Reformatory' -- subject(s): Reformatories

What has the author Robert Hallowell Gardiner written?

Robert Hallowell Gardiner has written: 'Early recollections of Robert Hallowell Gardiner, 1782-1864'

What has the author Sjarifin Gardiner written?

Sjarifin Gardiner has written: 'Highland horticultural development, Irian Jaya'

What has the author Samule Rawson Gardiner written?

Samule Rawson Gardiner has written: 'The constitutional documents of the puritan revolution'

What has the author Mary Gardiner written?

Mary Gardiner has written: 'Zhawaninodin' -- subject(s): Vocal duets with piano

What has the author Tom Gardiner written?

Tom Gardiner has written: 'Thinking for life' -- subject(s): Moral education

What has the author E Norman Gardiner written?

E. Norman Gardiner has written: 'Greek athletic sports and festivals'

What has the author Mayling Oey-Gardiner written?

Mayling Oey-Gardiner has written: 'The impact of migration on fertility'

What has the author Arthur Gardiner Butler written?

Arthur Gardiner Butler has written: 'British birds with their nests and eggs'

What has the author J M Gardiner written?

J. M. Gardiner has written: 'Magnolias' -- subject(s): Magnolia

What has the author Gardiner Bolster Stillwell written?

Gardiner Bolster Stillwell has written: 'Chaucer's eagles and their choice on February 14'

What has the author Alan Henderson Gardiner written?

Alan Henderson Gardiner has written: 'A topographical catalogue of the private tombs of Thebes'

What has the author Glenn Lion Gardiner written?

Glenn Lion Gardiner has written: 'How you can get a job' -- subject(s): Applications for positions

What has the author Gardiner Bump written?

Gardiner Bump has written: 'The ruffed grouse' -- subject(s): Ruffed grouse, Grouse

What has the author Marjorie Gardiner written?

Marjorie Gardiner has written: 'The other side of the counter' -- subject(s): Social life and customs

What has the author Tracy Gardiner written?

Tracy Gardiner has written: 'The Committee of the Regions' -- subject(s): Local Government International Bureau

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