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Barbara Evans has written:

'Life change'

'Messages of universal wisdom' -- subject(s): Spiritual life, Wisdom

'Caduceus in Saigon' -- subject(s): Vietnam War, 1961-1975, Medical and sanitary affairs, Children

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Barbara Evers is a writer known for her novels and short stories. She has written works such as "Bait: A Tale of Madness" and "The Act of Laughing." Evers's writing often explores themes of psychological suspense and emotional depth.

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Barbara Evers has written:

'Frauenlyrik um 1800' -- subject(s): Biedermeier, German poetry, History, History and criticism, Romanticism, Women and literature, Women authors

'New forms of foreign investment in developing countries'

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Barbara Evamy has written:

'Auditory & visual discrimination exercises' -- subject(s): Testing, Dyslexic children, Aids and devices, Teaching, Visual perception, Learning disabilities, Auditory perception

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Q: What has the author Barbara Evers written?
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