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What has the author Campos Reina written?

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Campos Reina has written:

'Visiones de las quebradas'

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What has the author Cristian Campos written?

Cristian Campos has written: 'Living'

What has the author Milton Campos written?

Milton Campos has written: 'Testemunhos e ensinamentos'

What has the author Reina Boily written?

Reina Boily has written: 'La grammaire du primaire'

What has the author Haroldo de Campos written?

Haroldo de Campos has written: 'Transideraciones =' 'Crisantempo'

What has the author Alejandro Manco Campos written?

Alejandro Manco Campos has written: 'Valle algodonero'

What has the author Carlos Campos written?

Carlos Campos has written: 'Salsa & Afro Cuban Montunos for Piano'

What has the author Claudio Campos Nunes written?

Claudio Campos Nunes has written: 'A liberdade da expressao'

What has the author Alberto Infante Campos written?

Alberto Infante Campos has written: 'Dicen que recordar'

What has the author Humberto Ochoa Campos written?

Humberto Ochoa Campos has written: 'El tigre emplumado'

What has the author Benedito Pinheiro de Campos written?

Benedito Pinheiro de Campos has written: 'O idealista'

What has the author German Guzman Campos written?

German Guzman Campos has written: 'La violencia en Colombia'

What has the author Jorge Lucio de Campos written?

Jorge Lucio de Campos has written: 'A maneira negra'

What has the author Emerson Ribeiro Campos written?

Emerson Ribeiro Campos has written: 'Itapetinga' -- subject(s): History

What has the author Alberto Luis Campos written?

Alberto Luis Campos has written: 'Con Letra de Tango'

What has the author Alvaro Vallejo Campos written?

Alvaro Vallejo Campos has written: 'Platon - El Filosofo de Atenas'

What has the author Mariano Ruiz Campos written?

Mariano Ruiz Campos has written: '\\' -- subject(s): History of doctrines, Trinity

What has the author Alfredo J Ramos Campos written?

Alfredo J. Ramos Campos has written: 'Esquinas del destierro'

What has the author Maria Henriqueta Costa Campos written?

Maria Henriqueta Costa Campos has written: 'Dever e poder'

What has the author Reina Lewis written?

Reina Lewis has written: 'Come to me baby or what's wrong with lesbianism' 'Feminist Postcolonial Theory'

What has the author Pedro Humberto Faria Campos written?

Pedro Humberto Faria Campos has written: 'A hora da tua chegada'

What has the author A Campos written?

A. Campos has written: 'El cuerpo humano' -- subject(s): Philosophical anthropology, Body, Human (Philosophy)

What has the author Germa n Guzma n Campos written?

Germa n. Guzma n Campos has written: 'Camilo Torres'

What has the author Ruben M Campos written?

Ruben M. Campos has written: 'El folklore y la musica mexicana'

What has the author Hugo Campos written?

Hugo Campos has written: 'Panorama del Paraguay' -- subject(s): Politics and government, History

What has the author Maria Campos written?

Maria Campos has written: 'Antes da hora' 'Imagens do poente' 'Caminho de imprevistos'

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