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What has the author Carlos Campos written?

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Carlos Campos has written:

'Salsa & Afro Cuban Montunos for Piano'

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What has the author Cristian Campos written?

Cristian Campos has written: 'Living'

What has the author Milton Campos written?

Milton Campos has written: 'Testemunhos e ensinamentos'

When was Carlos Luis Campos born?

Carlos Luis Campos was born in 1980.

When was Carlos de Campos born?

Carlos de Campos was born in 1866.

When did Carlos de Campos die?

Carlos de Campos died in 1927.

What has the author Campos Reina written?

Campos Reina has written: 'Visiones de las quebradas'

What has the author Haroldo de Campos written?

Haroldo de Campos has written: 'Transideraciones =' 'Crisantempo'

What has the author Alejandro Manco Campos written?

Alejandro Manco Campos has written: 'Valle algodonero'

What has the author Claudio Campos Nunes written?

Claudio Campos Nunes has written: 'A liberdade da expressao'

What has the author Alberto Infante Campos written?

Alberto Infante Campos has written: 'Dicen que recordar'

What has the author Humberto Ochoa Campos written?

Humberto Ochoa Campos has written: 'El tigre emplumado'

When was Carlos Campos Sánchez born?

Carlos Campos Sánchez was born on 1937-02-14.

When was Carlos Campos Fashion Design created?

Carlos Campos Fashion Design was created in 2006.

When was Carlos Alberto Campos born?

Carlos Alberto Campos was born on 1992-04-13.

What has the author Benedito Pinheiro de Campos written?

Benedito Pinheiro de Campos has written: 'O idealista'

What has the author German Guzman Campos written?

German Guzman Campos has written: 'La violencia en Colombia'

What has the author Jorge Lucio de Campos written?

Jorge Lucio de Campos has written: 'A maneira negra'

What has the author Emerson Ribeiro Campos written?

Emerson Ribeiro Campos has written: 'Itapetinga' -- subject(s): History

What has the author Alberto Luis Campos written?

Alberto Luis Campos has written: 'Con Letra de Tango'

What has the author Alvaro Vallejo Campos written?

Alvaro Vallejo Campos has written: 'Platon - El Filosofo de Atenas'

What has the author Mariano Ruiz Campos written?

Mariano Ruiz Campos has written: '\\' -- subject(s): History of doctrines, Trinity

What has the author Alfredo J Ramos Campos written?

Alfredo J. Ramos Campos has written: 'Esquinas del destierro'

What has the author Maria Henriqueta Costa Campos written?

Maria Henriqueta Costa Campos has written: 'Dever e poder'

What is the airport code for Aviador Carlos Campos Airport?

The airport code for Aviador Carlos Campos Airport is CPC.

What has the author Pedro Humberto Faria Campos written?

Pedro Humberto Faria Campos has written: 'A hora da tua chegada'

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