What has the author David Vizard written?

David Vizard has written:
'How to Build Horsepower, Volume 2 (How to Build Horsepower)'
'How to Build Max Performance Chevy Small Blocks on a Budget (S-a Design)'
'Tuning Standard Triumphs over 1300 cc' -- subject(s): Automobiles, Motors, Triumph automobile
'How to build max performance Chevy small blocks on a budget' -- subject(s): Chevrolet automobile, Design and construction, Modification, Motors
'How to hotrod your 2.0-liter OHC Ford' -- subject(s): Automobiles, Ford automobile, Modification, Motors
'Nitrous-Oxide Injection'
'How to Build Horsepower'
'How to modify your Mini' -- subject(s): Mini automobiles, Modification, Motors, Racing Automobiles