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Descendant of the pilgrims has written:

'The Constitution gone!!' -- subject(s): Embargo, 1807-1809

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What has the author Descendant of Noah written?

Descendant of Noah. has written: 'The antediluvian, or serpentine musings' -- subject(s): Accessible book

What has the author Saadiquun Khan written?

Saadiquun Khan has written: 'Aga Khan as descendant of the prophet'

What has the author Hamsa written?

Hamsa has written: 'The holy mountain' -- subject(s): Pilgrims and pilgrinages

What has the author MD Bisbee written?

M.D. Bisbee has written: 'Songs of the Pilgrims' -- subject(s): Hymns, Pilgrims (New Plymouth Colony), Poetry, English Hymns

What has the author Frederick Alphonso Noble written?

Frederick Alphonso Noble has written: 'The Pilgrims' -- subject(s): Pilgrims (New Plymouth Colony), History 'Spiritual culture'

What has the author Michael J Sallnow written?

Michael J. Sallnow has written: 'Pilgrims of the Andes' -- subject(s): Cults, Pilgrims and pilgrimages, Religious life and customs, Shrines

What has the author J Anthony Moran written?

J. Anthony Moran has written: 'Pilgrims' guide to America' -- subject(s): Christian pilgrims and pilgrimages, Christian shrines, Directories

What has the author Deborah Smith Douglas written?

Deborah Smith Douglas has written: 'Pilgrims in the kingdom' -- subject(s): Christian antiquities, Christian pilgrims and pilgrimages, Christian shrines, Guidebooks

What has the author Shaikh Nabi Bakhash Nizami written?

Shaikh Nabi Bakhash Nizami has written: 'Manzil-i Shauq' -- subject(s): Mecca, Muslim pilgrims and pilgrimages, Pilgrims and pilgrimages

What has the author V Suryanarayan written?

V. Suryanarayan has written: 'Aurora of Arunachala' -- subject(s): Cult, Hindu pilgrims and pilgrimages, Pilgrims and pilgrimages, Hindu, Religion, Siva (Hindu deity)

What has the author Esteban Carro Celada written?

Esteban Carro Celada has written: 'Picaresca' -- subject(s): Pilgrims and pilgrimages

What has the author John Chester written?

John Chester has written: 'Knowledge and holiness the sources of morality' 'A sermon, in commemoration of the landing of the New-England Pilgrims' -- subject(s): Pilgrims (New Plymouth Colony)

What has the author Ronald C Finucane written?

Ronald C Finucane has written: 'Miracles and pilgrims' -- subject(s): Miracles, Christian pilgrims and pilgrimages, Church history, Cult, Christian saints, Shrines

What has the author Ella Marie Glines written?

Ella Marie Glines has written: 'Dear descendant' -- subject(s): Fiction, History, Frontier and pioneer life

What has the author Janice Rae Sly written?

Janice Rae Sly has written: 'Family history of Nellie Larue, descendant of John Briggs, immigrant, 1625'

What has the author Douglas C Vest written?

Douglas C. Vest has written: 'On pilgrimage' -- subject(s): Christian pilgrims and pilgrimages

What has the author Clorinda Minor written?

Clorinda Minor has written: 'Meshullam!' -- subject(s): Christian pilgrims and pilgrimages, Description and travel

What has the author Motoo Wakigami written?

Motoo Wakigami has written: 'Okinawa no seichi' -- subject(s): Pilgrims and pilbrimates, Description and travel

What has the author V Paul Flint written?

V. Paul Flint has written: 'Strangers & pilgrims' -- subject(s): Bible, Commentaries

What has the author Henry M Dexter written?

Henry M. Dexter has written: 'The church polity of the pilgrims the polity of the New Testament...'

What has the author Vida Ravenscroft Sutton written?

Vida Ravenscroft Sutton has written: 'The Pilgrims' holiday' -- subject(s): Drama, Pilgrims (New Plymouth Colony) 'Christ is born in Bethlehem' -- subject(s): Christmas plays

What has the author Beebe Bahrami written?

Beebe Bahrami has written: 'The spiritual traveler' -- subject(s): Guidebooks, Pilgrims and pilgrimages, Sacred space

What has the author G Cuthbert Blaxland written?

G. Cuthbert Blaxland has written: '\\' -- subject- s -: Pilgrims - New Plymouth Colony -, History

What has the author Alison Hilliard written?

Alison Hilliard has written: 'Living stones pilgrimage' -- subject- s -: Guidebooks, Christian pilgrims and pilgrimages

What has the author Carl Rathjens written?

Carl Rathjens has written: 'Die Pilgerfahrt nach Mekka' -- subject(s): Pilgrims and pilgrimages, Tourism

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