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Gracia Barrios has written:

'Gracia Barrios' -- subject(s): Exhibitions, Figurative expressionism

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What has the author Fortunata Barrios written?

Fortunata Barrios has written: 'Romina'

What has the author Esther Barrios written?

Esther Barrios has written: 'De \\'

What has the author Jason Gracia written?

Jason Gracia has written: 'Motivated in minutes'

What has the author Gracia Morales written?

Gracia Morales has written: 'NN 12'

What has the author Luis Barrios Cruz written?

Luis Barrios Cruz has written: 'Decoraciones'

What has the author Francisco Gracia Alonso written?

Francisco Gracia Alonso has written: 'Protohistoria'

What has the author Pilar E Barrios written?

Pilar E. Barrios has written: 'Mis cantos'

What has the author Teodoro Barrios written?

Teodoro Barrios has written: 'Las flores del lapacho'

What has the author Gerardo Barrios written?

Gerardo Barrios has written: 'Manifesto of Don Gerardo Barrios' -- subject(s): Politics and government, History

What has the author Francisco Camacho Barrios written?

Francisco Camacho Barrios has written: 'El tiempo duplicado'

What has the author Gilberto Barrios written?

Gilberto Barrios has written: '14 poemas y 4 letras para himnos'

What has the author Nuria Barrios written?

Nuria Barrios has written: 'Nostalgia de Odiseo' 'El Hilo De Agua'

What has the author Luis Enrique Ogazza Gracia written?

Luis Enrique Ogazza Gracia has written: 'Fiebre de adolescentes'

What has the author Luis Cerda-Barrios written?

Luis Cerda-Barrios has written: 'La luna en el estero'

What has the author Arturo Zamudio Barrios written?

Arturo Zamudio Barrios has written: 'Cristianos y marxistas en el contrafuego'

What has the author Vicki Barrios Schley written?

Vicki Barrios Schley has written: 'Mexican cooking at the Academy' -- subject(s): Mexican Cookery

What has the author Elida Manselli written?

Elida Manselli has written: 'Gracia-torcaza'

What has the author Pauline Gracia Beery written?

Pauline Gracia Beery has written: 'Chemistry, applied to home and community' -- subject(s): Chemistry, Technical, Technical Chemistry

What has the author Eduardo Barrios-Muras written?

Eduardo Barrios-Muras has written: 'The fundamentals of iron-ox praying mantis boxing' -- subject(s): Kung fu

What has the author Juan A Frago Gracia written?

Juan A. Frago Gracia has written: 'Historia de las hablas andaluzas' -- subject(s): Dialects, Phonetics, Spanish language

What has the author Patricia Rey Romero written?

Patricia Rey Romero has written: 'Tiros de gracia'

What has the author Manuel Penella Moreno written?

Manuel Penella Moreno has written: 'Gracia y justicia'

What has the author Carmen Gracia Beneyto written?

Carmen. Gracia Beneyto has written: 'Arte valenciano' -- subject(s): Art, Islamic, Art, Spanish, Civilization, Islamic Art, Spanish Art

What has the author Armando Barrios written?

Armando. Barrios has written: 'El municipio en el sistema de relaciones fiscales intergubernamentales' -- subject(s): Intergovernmental fiscal relations, Municipal finance

What has the author Diego Cornejo Menacho written?

Diego Cornejo Menacho has written: 'Junto a los barrios, sembrando esperanza'

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