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What has the author H H Clarke written?

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H. H. Clarke has written:

'Test manual'

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What has the author H Butler Clarke written?

H. Butler Clarke has written: 'Spanish literature'

What has the author John H Clarke written?

John H. Clarke has written: 'The plea for vivisection--what it means' -- subject(s): Vivisection 'The prescriber'

What has the author H G Clarke written?

H. G. Clarke has written: 'The story of old English glass pictures 1690-1810'

What has the author H J St J Clarke written?

H. J. St. J. Clarke has written: 'Thirty centuries in South-East Antrim'

What has the author P H Clarke written?

P. H. Clarke has written: 'Mihail Tal's best games of chess' 'Chess for beginners' -- subject(s): Chess

What has the author H Edwards Clarke written?

H. Edwards Clarke has written: 'Win at greyhound racing' -- subject(s): Betting, Dog racing, Gambling, Greyhound racing, Greyhounds

What has the author Edward H Clarke written?

Edward H. Clarke has written: 'The building of a brain' -- subject(s): Women, Health and hygiene, Education 'Visions' -- subject(s): Hallucinations and illusions

What has the author Tommy Clarke written?

Tommy Clarke has written: 'Jim Clarke'

What has the author Mollie Clarke written?

Mollie Clarke has written: 'Caterpillars'

What has the author CGF Clarke written?

C.G.F Clarke has written: 'Polybutylene'

What has the author Roger H Clarke written?

Roger H. Clarke has written: 'Physical aspects of the effects of nuclear reactors in working and public environments' -- subject(s): Physiological effect, Safety measures, Nuclear reactors, Radiation

What has the author Clarke H P Schneider written?

Clarke H. P. Schneider has written: 'Material identification in urban areas from gray tone variations in multispectral photography' -- subject(s): Aerial photography, Photographic interpretation

What has the author Brian Clarke written?

Brian Clarke has written: 'Brian Clarke' -- subject(s): Exhibitions

What has the author Paddy Clarke written?

Paddy Clarke has written: 'Dublin calling'

What has the author Robert Clarke written?

Robert Clarke has written: 'The thirteenth lover'

What has the author Geoffrey Clarke written?

Geoffrey Clarke has written: 'Black swan'

What has the author Judy Clarke written?

Judy Clarke has written: 'Apprenons ensemble'

What has the author Margaret Clarke written?

Margaret Clarke has written: 'Practical nursing'

What has the author Savile Clarke written?

Savile Clarke has written: 'Love wins'

What has the author Hyde Clarke written?

Hyde Clarke has written: 'On copper smelting'

What has the author Dudley Clarke written?

Dudley Clarke has written: 'The Eleventh at war'

What has the author HG Clarke written?

H.G Clarke has written: 'Practical shepherding'

What has the author I C Clarke written?

I. C. Clarke has written: 'The secret citadel'

What has the author Bernard Clarke written?

Bernard Clarke has written: 'Self-deception'

What has the author LINDSAY CLARKE written?


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