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What has the author H H Rousseau written?

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H. H. Rousseau has written:

'The isthmian canal'

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What has the author N J H Dent written?

N. J. H. Dent has written: 'Rousseau Dictionary'

What has the author Ina Rousseau written?

Ina Rousseau has written: 'Grotwater'

What has the author Theodore Rousseau written?

Theodore Rousseau has written: 'Paul Cezanne'

What has the author Jean Baptiste Rousseau written?

Jean Baptiste Rousseau has written: 'Oeuvres'

What has the author Leon Rousseau written?

Leon Rousseau has written: 'Van Hunks and his pipe'

What has the author Isabelle Rousseau written?

Isabelle Rousseau has written: 'Historia regional de Sinaloa'

What has the author T Rousseau written?

T. Rousseau has written: 'Paul Cezanne (1839-1906)'

What has the author Francis Rousseau written?

Francis Rousseau has written: 'La Hire' 'The Book of Antique Furniture'

What has the author Lina Rousseau written?

Lina Rousseau has written: 'Que Trouve Galette A La Mer'

What has the author I Babbitt written?

I. Babbitt has written: 'Rousseau and Romanticism'

What has the author Frank Rousseau written?

Frank Rousseau has written: 'The proteaceae of South Africa' -- subject(s): Botany, Proteaceae

What has the author Jacques Rivelaygue written?

Jacques Rivelaygue has written: 'Rousseau ..'

What has the author Lousene Rousseau Brunner written?

Lousene Rousseau Brunner has written: 'Casserole treasury' -- subject(s): Casserole cookery

What has the author Francesca Rousseau written?

Francesca Rousseau has written: 'L' Italia in 455 ricette' -- subject(s): Italian Cookery

What has the author Denise M Rousseau written?

Denise M. Rousseau has written: 'Technology and structure' -- subject(s): Organization, Technology

What has the author Samuel Rousseau written?

Samuel Rousseau has written: 'A specimen and catalogue of the printing materials of Mr Samuel Rousseau ... which will be sold by auction by JamesDelahoy ... 19th January 1814 ... '

What has the author Nicolas Rousseau written?

Nicolas Rousseau has written: 'De l'Adrar au Tagant' 'Connaissance et langage chez Condillac'

What has the author Mary Frances Rousseau written?

Mary Frances Rousseau has written: 'Toward a Thomistic philosophy of death' -- subject(s): Death

What has the author R Grimsley written?

R. Grimsley has written: 'The philosophy of Rousseau'

What has the author James Delaney written?

James Delaney has written: 'Starting with Rousseau'

When was Rousseau H. Flower born?

Rousseau H. Flower was born in 1913.

When did Rousseau H. Flower die?

Rousseau H. Flower died in 1988.

What has the author Paul Rousseau written?

Paul Rousseau has written: 'Yuppie blues' 'Lucifer Jones' 'Micro-textes' 'Lucifer, Mon Grand-Pere'

What has the author Muriel Rousseau written?

Muriel Rousseau has written: 'Les tanneries de Bellac' -- subject(s): Leather industry and trade, History

What has the author Guy Noe l Rousseau written?

Guy Noe l. Rousseau has written: 'Sur le chemin de Julien Green'

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