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Honor Blanco Cabie has written:

'Beyond images'

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What has the author Honor Moore written?

Honor Moore has written: 'Darling' 'Red Shoes'

What has the author Honor De Pencier written?

Honor De Pencier has written: 'Posted to Canada'

What has the author Honor C Appleton written?

Honor C. Appleton has written: 'Dumpy proverbs'

What has the author Malcolm Douglass written?

Malcolm Douglass has written: 'Honor' -- subject(s): Honor

What has the author Honor Blain written?

Honor Blain has written: 'Report on the consultation of adults with physical disabilities'

What has the author Honor-Mary Allen written?

Honor-Mary Allen has written: 'All alone and laughing'

What has the author Honor Croome written?

Honor Croome has written: 'An economic history of Britain' 'Human problems of innovation'

What has the author Dorothy Lathem written?

Dorothy Lathem has written: 'Honor him'

What has the author Ley Honor Robert written?

Ley Honor Robert has written: 'What can you count at Eden' 'My Eden activity book'

What has the author Winifred Honor Turpin written?

Winifred Honor Turpin has written: 'Catering for schools,canteens,hostels and institutions'

What has the author Joan Casademont written?

Joan Casademont has written: 'Maids of honor'

What has the author Roger Wachtel written?

Roger Wachtel has written: 'The Medal of Honor'

What has the author Selden John written?

Selden John has written: 'Titles of honor'

Honor thy father author?

Honor Thy Father was written by Gay Talese in 1971.

What has the author Virginia Niles Leeds written?

Virginia Niles Leeds has written: 'The honor of a gentleman'

What has the author Robert Ashley written?

Robert Ashley has written: 'Of honour' -- subject(s): Honor

What has the author Walter W Arnold written?

Walter W. Arnold has written: 'A Missourian's honor'

What has the author Leo Perla written?

Leo Perla has written: 'What Is National Honor? The Challenge Of The Reconstruction'

What has the author Chuck Dixon written?

Chuck Dixon has written: 'Code of honor' 'Team 7'

What has the author Jean M Dorsinville written?

Jean M. Dorsinville has written: 'Honor thy father'

What has the author MICHAEL DONELAN written?


What has the author Honor Margaret Nichol written?

Honor Margaret Nichol has written: 'Stress amongst nurses in classrooms - an evaluation of self-help groups in nurse education'

What has the author Barbara Benedict written?

Barbara Benedict has written: 'Always' 'Every Dream Come True' 'Lovestorm' 'A Taste of Heaven' 'Love and honor' 'Love And Honor'

What has the author Mary Jean Klene written?

Mary Jean Klene has written: 'Shakespeare's use of the Renaissance concept of honor' -- subject(s): Criticism and interpretation, Honor in literature

What has the author David F Watson written?

David F. Watson has written: 'Honor among Christians' -- subject(s): Criticism, interpretation, Bible, Honor, Biblical teaching

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