What has the author James G Needham written?

James G. Needham has written:

'The Odonata of Chile' -- subject(s): Neuroptera, Dragonflies

'Aquatic insects in New York State' -- subject(s): Insects, Aquatic insects

'The dragon-flies (Odonata) of Illinois, with descriptions of the immature stages' -- subject(s): Odonata

'A manual of the dragonflies of North America (Anisoptera)' -- subject(s): Insects, Dragonflies

'Directions for collecting and rearing dragon flies, stone flies, and may flies' -- subject(s): Entomology, Neuroptera

'May flies and midges of New York' -- subject(s): Insects, Mayflies, Aquatic insects, Diptera

'The animal world' -- subject(s): Zoology

'Reports on aquatic insects' -- subject(s): Aquatic insects

'Neotropical mayflies' -- subject(s): Mayflies