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Karen Lias Wolff has written:

'The effects of general music education on the academic achievement, perpetual-motor development, creative thinking, and school attendance of first-grade children' -- subject(s): Instruction and study, Music

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Janet Loeb Wolff is a scholar of Renaissance Art and has written several influential works in this field, including "The Social Production of Art" and "A Very Short Introduction to Art History." She has also published numerous articles on topics such as gender in art and the artistic culture of Renaissance Italy.

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Janet Lewis has written:

'The Indians in the woods'

'The Trial of So ren Quist'

'The dear past and other poems'

'Morning devotion'

'The wife of Martin Guerre' -- subject(s): English fiction, Fiction, Fiction in English, Impostors and imposture, Married women

'The ghost of Monsieur Scarron' -- subject(s): Fiction, History

'Janet and DeLoss' -- subject(s): Artists' books

'The friendly adventures of Ollie Ostrich' -- subject(s): Children's literature, Fiction, Ostriches, Toys

'Against a darkening sky' -- subject(s): Protected DAISY

'The selected poems of Janet Lewis'

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Janet Loeb Wolff has written:

'Let's imagine sounds'

'Let's imagine colors' -- subject(s): Color

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