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What has the author Jodee Blanco written?

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Jodee Blanco has written:

'Please stop laughing at me'

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What has the author Jodee Solomon written?

Jodee Solomon has written: 'The recent history and current status of abortion law' -- subject(s): Abortion, Law and legislation

What has the author Armindo Blanco written?

Armindo Blanco has written: 'A lei e a ordem'

What has the author Honor Blanco Cabie written?

Honor Blanco Cabie has written: 'Beyond images'

What has the author Myriam Blanco written?

Myriam Blanco has written: 'Die Wirtschaftspolitik der Sandinisten'

What has the author ALberto Blanco written?

ALberto Blanco has written: 'Amanecer de los sentidos'

What has the author Amber Blanco White written?

Amber Blanco White has written: 'Ethics for unbelievers'

What has the author Manuel Blanco Tobio written?

Manuel Blanco Tobio has written: 'Cinco zorros plateados'

What has the author Jorge Bermudez Blanco written?

Jorge Bermudez Blanco has written: 'Cuba para recordar'

What has the author Jose Blanco Amor written?

Jose . Blanco Amor has written: 'La misio n'

What has the author Giuseppe Blanco written?

Giuseppe Blanco has written: 'Bellini a Parigi' -- subject(s): Composers, Biography

What has the author Manuel Blanco written?

Manuel Blanco has written: 'Flora de Filipinas' -- subject(s): Botany

What has the author Salvador Jorge Blanco written?

Salvador Jorge Blanco has written: 'Duarte, Espaillat, Hostos y Capotillo'

What has the author Antonio de Fierro Blanco written?

Antonio de Fierro Blanco has written: 'Rico, bandit and dictator'

What has the author Max Blanco written?

Max Blanco has written: 'An implicit solution method for the Euler equations on unstructured triangular grids'

What has the author Marcos Martin Blanco written?

Marcos Martin Blanco has written: 'Estructura economica de la empresa agraria'

What has the author Juan Carlos Blanco written?

Juan Carlos Blanco has written: 'La reforma' -- subject(s): Politics and government

What has the author A L Bocage written?

A. L. Bocage has written: 'Oro blanco'

What has the author Ricardo Blanco Asenjo written?

Ricardo Blanco Asenjo has written: 'La verja cerrada' -- subject(s): Accessible book

What has the author Ignacio Matte Blanco written?

Ignacio Matte Blanco has written: 'Thinking, feeling, and being' -- subject(s): Subconsciousness, Case studies

What has the author Julio Blanco Cadavieco written?

Julio Blanco Cadavieco has written: 'Horreos y paneras' -- subject(s): Granaries, Vernacular architecture

What has the author BLANCO Garcia written?

BLANCO GARCIA has written: 'ENFOQUE MP3 AUDIO CD' 'Enfoques Pack a + Student Activities Manual + Answer Key'

What has the author Gustavo Blanco written?

Gustavo Blanco has written: 'El solidarismo' -- subject(s): History, Labor unions, Movimiento Solidarista Costarricense

What has the author Carlos Blanco written?

Carlos Blanco has written: 'Sida, buenas noticias' -- subject(s): Alternative treatment, Holistic medicine, AIDS (Disease)

What has the author Antonio Polo Blanco written?

Antonio Polo Blanco has written: 'Gobierno de las poblaciones en el primer franquismo (1939-1945)'

What has the author Isabel Blanco Velasco written?

Isabel Blanco Velasco has written: 'Tabasco' -- subject(s): Politics and government, History, Church and state, Freedom of religion

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