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Louise Andrews Kent has written:

'He went with Champlain'

'He went with Hannibal'

'He went with Christopher Columbus' -- subject(s): Juvenile fiction

'Paul Revere Square'

'He Went With Marco Polo' -- subject(s): Juvenile fiction

'The Vermont year round cookbook' -- subject(s): American Cookery

'Mrs. Appleyard's winter kitchen' -- subject(s): American Cookery

'Music for Drake'


'Mrs. Appleyard and I' -- subject(s): American Authors, Biography

'He went with John Paul Jones' -- subject(s): Juvenile fiction

'He went with Drake' -- subject(s): Juvenile fiction

'Country mouse'

'The summer kitchen' -- subject(s): Accessible book, American Cookery, Lending library

'Village greens of New England' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Cities and towns, Description and travel, Lending library

'Mrs. Appleyard's summer kitchen' -- subject(s): American Cookery

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Louise Andrews Kent was a 20th-century American author known for her novels, mainly set in New England. She wrote several fiction and non-fiction works, including "Newport," "Seacoast of Bohemia," and "From This Day Forward." Her novels often focused on the lives of the wealthy elite and their social circles.

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Q: What has the author Louise Andrews Kent written?
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