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Margaret R. B. Shaw has written:

'Laurence Sterne' -- subject(s): Biography

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What has the author Robert B Shaw written?

Robert B. Shaw has written: 'A bibliography for the study of African politics'

What has the author James B Shaw written?

James B. Shaw has written: 'Research in Personnel and Human Resources Management'

What has the author Margaret B Shiffer written?

Margaret B. Shiffer has written: 'Historical needlework of Pennsylvania'

What has the author Henry B Shaw written?

Henry B Shaw has written: 'In the shadow of Peter' -- subject(s): Catholic converts

What has the author Margaret B Lodge written?

Margaret B. Lodge has written: 'Patchwork of the past in prose and verse'

What has the author Margaret B Scoggins written?

Margaret B. Scoggins has written: 'Scoggins family' -- subject(s): Genealogy

What has the author Margaret B Rawson written?

Margaret B Rawson has written: 'The many faces of dyslexia' -- subject(s): Dyslexia

What has the author Michael Warren Shaw written?

Michael Warren Shaw has written: 'A B-chromosome cline in the mottled grasshopper'

What has the author Margaret B Clark written?

Margaret B. Clark has written: 'Nursing within a faith community' -- subject(s): Parish nursing

What has the author Marjorie B Shaw written?

Marjorie B. Shaw has written: 'Sharing the world with animals' -- subject(s): Nature, Ecology, Juvenile literature, Effect of human beings on

What has the author Margaret B Walmer written?

Margaret B. Walmer has written: '100 Years at Warrington' -- subject(s): Church records and registers, Genealogy, Quakers

What has the author Margaret B Hays written?

Margaret B. Hays has written: 'A serviceability test on blankets made from four blends of wool' -- subject(s): Testing, Blankets

What has the author Margaret Cairns written?

Margaret Cairns has written: 'Cradle of commerce, the story of Block B' -- subject(s): Commerce, History

What has the author Russell B Shaw written?

Russell B. Shaw has written: 'To hunt, to shoot, to entertain' -- subject(s): Catholic Church, Clergy, Laity, Clericalism 'Permanent deacons' -- subject(s): Deacons

What has the author Margaret B W Graham written?

Margaret B. W. Graham has written: 'The Business of Research: RCA and the VideoDisc (Studies in Economic History and Policy: USA in the Twentieth Century)'

What has the author Margaret B Sutherland written?

Margaret B. Sutherland has written: 'Developing the gifted and talented young learner' 'Sex bias in education' -- subject(s): Sex discrimination in education

What has the author Margaret B Gargiullo written?

Margaret B. Gargiullo has written: 'A guide to native plants of the New York City region' -- subject(s): Native plants for cultivation, Native plant gardening

What has the author Margaret B McDowell written?

Margaret B. McDowell has written: 'Edith Wharton (Twayne's United States Authors Series)' 'Carson McCullers' -- subject(s): Criticism and interpretation, History, Women and literature

What has the author Margaret B Alexander written?

Margaret B Alexander has written: 'Wind speed and direction shears with associated vertical motion during strong surface winds' -- subject(s): Statistics, Winds, Vertical wind shear

What has the author Margaret B McDermott written?

Margaret B. McDermott has written: 'Domestic industry in post-famine rural Ireland' -- subject(s): History, Textile industry, Cottage industries, Economic conditions, Rural conditions, Employment, Women

What has the author Margaret B Farnell written?

Margaret B. Farnell has written: 'Screening procedures for the detection or prediction of child abuse' -- subject(s): Abstracts, Child abuse 'Private security' -- subject(s): Private Police, Private security services

When was B. Shaw born?

B. Shaw was born in 1862.

What has the author B B Sangadzhieva written?

B. B. Sangadzhieva has written: 'Dobrota'

What has the author B Major written?

B. Major has written: '\\'

What has the author B Shirnen written?

B. Shirnen has written: '\\'

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