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What has the author Nahara Ayala written?

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Nahara Ayala has written:

'Hongos conocidos de Baja California' -- subject(s): Mushrooms

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What has the author Trindade Nahara written?

Trindade Nahara has written: 'Communicating in English'

What has the author Leopoldo Ayala Michelena written?

Leopoldo Ayala Michelena has written: 'Teatro seleccionado'

What has the author Ayala Talpai written?

Ayala Talpai has written: 'Felting needles for fiber fanatics'

What has the author Robert H Ayala written?

Robert H. Ayala has written: 'Quarter to six'

What has the author Mariblanca Ayala written?

Mariblanca Ayala has written: 'Internet' -- subject(s): Internet, Law and legislation

What has the author Eligio Ayala written?

Eligio Ayala has written: 'Migraciones' -- subject(s): Emigration and immigration, Social conditions

What has the author R Perez De Ayala written?

R. Perez De Ayala has written: 'La Pata de la raposa'

What has the author Ramon Perez de Ayala written?

Ramon Perez de Ayala has written: 'El curandero de su honra'

What has the author Walter Ortiz y Ayala written?

Walter Ortiz y Ayala has written: 'Palabra en vilo' 'Los espejos'

What has the author R J De Ayala written?

R. J. De Ayala has written: 'The theory and practice of item response theory'

What is the population of Nahara Rigoul?

The population of Nahara Rigoul is 4,931.

What has the author Blanca Deusdad Ayala written?

Blanca Deusdad Ayala has written: 'Inmigrants a les escoles' -- subject(s): Immigrant children, Education

What has the author Carlos Ayala Montero written?

Carlos Ayala Montero has written: 'El sindicato del siglo XXI' -- subject(s): Labor unions

What has the author Norberto Ayala Castro written?

Norberto Ayala Castro has written: 'Topes de Collantes' -- subject(s): Description and travel, Natural history

What has the author Trino Peraza de Ayala written?

Trino Peraza de Ayala has written: 'Alrededor del mundo, navegando' -- subject(s): Voyages around the world

What has the author Ricardo Ayala written?

Ricardo Ayala has written: 'Two new subgenera of bees in the genus Centris (Hymenoptera: Apidae)' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Bees, Classification, Hemisia

What has the author Kenneth J Ayala written?

Kenneth J. Ayala has written: 'Instructor's Guide To Accompany The 8051 Microcontroller' 'The 8086 microprocessor' -- subject(s): Computer interfaces, Intel 8086 (Microprocessor), Programming

What has the author Baltazar Ayala written?

Baltazar Ayala has written: 'Balthazaris Ayalae ... De jure et officiis bellicis et disciplina militari libri III' -- subject(s): Military law, War

What has the author Marguerite C Rand written?

Marguerite C. Rand has written: 'Ramo n Pe rez de Ayala'

What has the author Carlos Ayala written?

Carlos Ayala has written: 'Pharmacology for the boards & wards' -- subject(s): Examination questions, Examinations, Licenses, Outlines, Outlines, syllabi, Outlines, syllabi, etc, Pharmaceutical Preparations, Pharmacology, Physicians, Study guides

What has the author B Velmiro Ayala Gauna written?

B. Velmiro Ayala Gauna has written: 'La selva y su hombre ..' -- subject(s): Folklore, Guarani Indians 'Existe una literatura nacional?' -- subject(s): Argentine literature

What has the author Santiago Key-Ayala written?

Santiago Key-Ayala has written: 'Los nombres de las esquinas de Caracas' -- subject(s): History, Street names, Streets 'Obra inducida de Lisandro Alvarado' 'Obras selectas'

What has the author Juana Gallego Ayala written?

Juana Gallego Ayala has written: 'La neurosis del domingo y otras historias' 'Eva devuelve la costilla' -- subject(s): Social conditions, Sex discrimination against women, Sex role, Women

What has the author Roberto Ayala written?

Roberto Ayala has written: 'Entre dos astros' 'Swingers' 'Dietas Violentas para Valientes - Harsh Diets for Brave People -' 'La Cruda' 'Que hago hoy de comer?' -- subject- s -: International Cookery, Menus, Mexican Cookery

What has the author Ramo n Pe rez de Ayala written?

Ramo n Pe rez de Ayala has written: 'Escritos poli ticos' -- subject(s): Politics and government 'Las novelas de Urbano y Simona' 'El curandero de su honra'

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