What has the author Paul R Mort written?

Paul R. Mort has written:
'Introduction to American education' -- subject(s): Education
'A guide for self-appraisal of school systems' -- subject(s): School reports, School management and organization
'The effective teacher's handbook' -- subject(s): Teaching
'The acceptable uses of achievement tests' -- subject(s): Grading and marking (Students), Psychological tests
'Secondary education as public policy' -- subject(s): Education, Secondary, Education, Secondary Education
'A time scale for measuring the adaptability of school systems with an instrument' -- subject(s): School management and organization
'Educational adaptability' -- subject(s): Education
'A guide for the analysis and description of public school services' -- subject(s): Schools, Education
'Fitting the school to the pupil' -- subject(s): Grading and marking (Students), Educational counseling, Educational surveys, Ability
'Science and method in education' -- subject(s): Education
'Public school finance' -- subject(s): Education, Finance
'Theory and synthesis of a sequential simplex' -- subject(s): Mathematical models, School management and organization