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What has the author Sakari Suominen written?


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Sakari Suominen has written:

'Perceived health and life control' -- subject(s): Health, Health behavior, Health status indicators, Social aspects, Social aspects of Health

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Olavi Suominen was born on January 17, 1912.

Ilkka Suominen was born on 1939-04-08.

Veikko Suominen died on 1978-12-21.

Veikko Suominen was born on 1948-05-05.

Kim Suominen was born on 1969-10-20.

Sakari Puurunen's birth name is Vin Sakari Puurunen.

Sakari Tuomioja's birth name is Sakari Severi Tuomioja.

Sakari Halonen's birth name is Sakari Oskari Halonen.

Sakari Jurkka's birth name is Heikki Sakari Jurkka.

Ensio Suominen's birth name is Pertti Ensio Suominen.

Ensio Suominen was born on January 2, 1934, in Askainen, Finland.

Ensio Suominen died on September 1, 2003, in Pirkkala, Finland.

Hannes Suominen was born on October 9, 1981, in Salo, Finland.

Markku Suominen was born on November 8, 1949, in Suomussalmi, Finland.

Paul Suominen's birth name is Paul Rafael Suominen.

Paul Suominen was born on February 7, 1930, in Helsinki, Finland.

Sakari Lindfors was born in 1966.

Sakari Pinomäki was born in 1933.

Sakari Pinomäki died in 2011.

Sakari Peltonen was born in 1954.

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