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Thomas DaCosta Kaufmann is an art historian known for his work on the art and culture of the Northern Renaissance, particularly in Central Europe. He has written extensively on topics such as art collecting, court culture, and artistic exchange in the 16th and 17th centuries. Some of his notable books include "The School of Prague: Painting at the Court of Rudolf II" and "Court, Cloister, and City: The Art and Culture of Central Europe, 1450–1800."

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Thomas DaCosta Kaufmann has written:

'The mastery of nature' -- subject(s): Renaissance, Renaissance Architecture, Renaissance Art, Renaissance Science

'Toward a Geography of Art'

'Variations on the Imperial theme in the age of Maximilian II and Rudolf II' -- subject(s): Allegories, Art patronage, Festivals, Festivals in art

'Central European drawings, 1680-1800' -- subject(s): Central European Drawing, Collectors and collecting, Drawing, Exhibitions

'The school of Prague' -- subject(s): Art, Art collections, Art patronage, Czech Painting, Expatriate painters, Mannerism (Art), Painting, Private collections

'Variations on the Imperial theme' -- subject(s): Allegories, Festivals, Festivals in art

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Q: What has the author Thomas DaCosta Kaufmann written?
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