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Arthur Rose-Innes has written:

'Japanese reading for beginners' -- subject(s): Japanese language, Readers

'Examples of conversational Japanese'

'Conversational Japanese for beginners' -- subject(s): Composition and exercises, Glossaries, vocabularies, Grammar, Japanese language

'Vocabulary of common Japanese words' -- subject(s): Japanese language, Dictionaries, English

'Beginners' dictionary of Chinese-Japanese characters' -- subject(s): Dictionaries, English, Japanese language, Chinese characters, Chinese language, Japanese

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Thomas Innes was a Scottish historian who is known for his book "Critical Essay on the Ancient Inhabitants of the Northern Parts of Britain or Scotland". In this work, he discussed the history of Scotland and its ancient inhabitants.

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D. Murray Rose has written:

'Prince Charlie's friends'

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Thomas Innes has written:

'The Inneses of Benwall and Blairton and collateral branches'

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Q: What has the author Thomas Innes written?
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